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Ali, Mujahid (2000) EXPORT BEHAVIOUR OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES. PhD thesis, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.



More and more of the small firms are entering into international trade and helping their individual nations in earning foreign exchange. Pakistan which runs a perennial balance of trade deficit is pinning hope on these firms to help reduce this deficit. Textile is the biggest industry of Pakistan and will have to play significant role in short to medium term to reduce and eliminate the trade deficit. This study focuses on the export behaviour of small firms in textile industry of Pakistan. It discusses the characteristics, needs, problems of small firms per se and also in the context of Pakistan. Because of the unstructured nature of the problem, qualitative approach has been used in this enquiry. Exporting firms active in exports for at least five years and having exports of not more than $ 5 million were included in the study. The focus area of the study was Punjab. The study tests propositions about the decision-makers, firm environment and their export behaviour. The problems and impediment facing small firms in exports have been identified. Use of marketing mix and other management factors have been discussed. How and why firms initiate and sustain in exports has been explored. The role of assistance provided by government to promote exports has also been discussed. The study concludes that level of marketing sophistication has to be increased and exporter-importer relationship has to be strengthened. There is no shyness on the part of firms to initiate exports but once that is done; their role becomes rather passive and reactive. The need to activate foreign trade missions and the other organizations providing assistance to small firms is also stressed.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Global Exports, Textile Industry, WTO, Foreign Exchange, Trade Deficit, Exporter-Importer Relationship, Foreign Trade Missions
Subjects:Business Administration & Management (d)
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