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Biosystematics of damselfies (zygoptera odonata) of Pkistan

Zia, Ahmad (2010) Biosystematics of damselfies (zygoptera odonata) of Pkistan. PhD thesis, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.



Damselflies or Zygoptera, an important group of predators and biodiversity indicator, has been neglected in Pakistan. Partially to redress this, damselflies were collected from various localities of Pakistan during 2004 – 2008. A total of 1061 damselflies collected,yielding 51 species in 26 genera and 5 families. Eight species, namely; Libellago lineata lineata, Libellago greeni, Protosticta hearseyi, Coeliccia vacca, Cylonolestes cyanea, Ellatoneura souteri, Ellatoneura campioni and Ellatoneura atkinsoni are recorded for the first time from Pakistan. A new species of Indocnemis ahmedi sp. nov. is described from Nouseri (AJK) and Dasu (N.W.F.P). All species incorporated into key are illustrated by their valid names, synonyms, measurement of body parts (abdomen, forewing and hindwing length), habitat description, sex ratio of collected specimens with their dates of collection, distribution range, differential characters from published description for new records to country and comprehensive characters description for new to science specimen has been provided. The known distribution of all the species is also updated. A map is provided of the distribution of each of them. Biodiversity indices study indicates that it was comparatively higher in AJ&K as compared to Punjab, N.W.F.P, Baluchistan, Sindh and Northern areas respectively. Comparison of all the collected damselflies was done on area basis as well as on time period basis. Results revealed significant diferences among 3 species and non-significant in 30 species on area basis. On time period basis, 33 species showed decreased length and 17 species showed increase in length. Sex ratio for whole collection was also calculated and it was found female biased.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Development, Crop, Food Sciences, Libellago greeni, Zygoptera, Poverty, damselflies, Cylonolestes cyanea, atkinsoni
Subjects:Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences(a) > Agriculture(a1)
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Deposited On:18 May 2010 15:30
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