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Shafi, Khalida (1989) PSYCHO-SOCIAL RISK FACTORS OF HEROIN ABUSE IN PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



This dissertation studies the Psycho-social risk factors of Heroin abuse in Pakistan. After conducting a pilot study the research design was formulated and the Psycho-social variables i.e. Parental relationship; Psychological stress; Self-esteem; Achievement motivation; Sensation seeking behaviour; Peer use of substance; Need for play; and the need for affiliation were selected for this research. In order to study the Psycho-social risk factors a structured Interview, a Questionnaire, and TAT cards were administered. A sample of hundred subjects comprising of fifty Heroin abusers and fifty matched non-users was taken. The data was collected from the Psychiatry Ward of the CIVIL Hospital, Karachi. A chi-square test of Independence was applied for the statical analysis of the data. It was concluded that abusers tended to perceive low positive parental relationship; high psychological stress, low self-esteem; low achievement motivation; high sensation seeking behaviour; high peer use of substance; and high need for affiliation. While non-users tended to perceive high positive parental relationship; low psychological stress; high self-esteem; high achievement motivation; low sensation seeking behaviour; low peer use of substance and low need for affiliation.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:dissertation studies, psycho-social, heroin, parental relationship, psychological stress, self
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Psychology (g16)
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