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Younus, Khalid Mohammad (2008) TWENTIETH CENTURY & EFFORTS OF MISSIONARY MOVEMENTS IN EGYPT. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



Many Islamic movements Came into being just after the fall of Uthmania Caliphate. Every movement claimed that it followed in the footsteps of the prophet and believed this joining as it is a guarantee for success. It is proper to ascertain which body or party�€™s academic & practical steps correspond to those of a delivered party. The following point bare importance while analyzing this missionary body or party. 1 Importance of conventions calling for cause of Allah should be highlighted taking the Holy Prophet as role model. 2 Academic Trial of all then Islamic groups & bodies to distinguish true from the untrue. 3 How to utilize various medias like mosques, religion school & other means of communication. 4 Modus operandi for spreading missionary work in the presence of internet & information technology. 5 What has been the role of Jamaat Ansar-AL-Sunnah AL Muhammad in Egypt in providing a strong forum to present true picture of Islam. 6 To Create Harmony among the world Muslim population &Coordinate their academic and practical efforts. The Methodology is as under: 1 Concise account of movements in Arab world in general &Egypt in particular. 2 Presentation of Jamaat-Ansar-Al-Sunnah Al- Muhammadia as an example. 3 Collection of Academic material from original Sources as far as possible. 4 The articles published by the elders of the above mentomed Jamaat in Majallah �€“ AL Touheed & Majallah- Al Hady �€“Al-Nabawi. 5 Avoiding un-necessary details. 6 Reference & Scrutiny of Ahadiah mentioned during Research. 7 Brief introduction to prominent personalities during research work. The First Chapter is divided into two Sections dealing with political Social, Cultural & Academic atmosphere in Egypt during 20th Century & academic review of the movements in Arab world in general & Egypt in particular. The second Chapter also includes two Sections dealing with administrative & financial system of Jamaat Ansar- AL-Sunnah AL-Muhammadia & its popularity among the public and mentions of its founder Shaikh Muhammad AL-Fiqqi in detail. The third chapter mentions aims & objectives of the Jamaat & ways & means to achieve them. The fourth chapter discusses relation of this body with other likeminded movements in other Countries & co-operation between them. In the end I have given the outcome of research & some photographs of those documentary evidences presented during research work.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:missionary movements, egypt, islamic movements, jamaat ansar-al-sunnah al muhammad, shaikh muhammad al-fiqqi
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