I= IMPLIMENTATION OF ISLAMIC LAW IN PAKISTAN: An Analytical Study in the perspective of possibilities and problems
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IMPLIMENTATION OF ISLAMIC LAW IN PAKISTAN: An Analytical Study in the perspective of possibilities and problems

Pakistan Main Islami Shari‚€™at ka Nifaz: Imkanaat ‚€“o-Mushkilaat kay tanazur main Eik Tehqeeqi ‚€“o-Tajzyaati muta‚€™alia

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Department of Quran & Sunnah/ University of Karachi, Karachi
Quran & Sunnah
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islamic law, pakistan, shariat

The basic theme of my thesis is to enhance Islamic law. It is necessary to he implemented Islamic law and values in Pakistani courts, Islam is a complete code or life: it leads to worlds every walk of life.

The Function of human life is not only eating, sleeping, and breading but the attainment of a higher purpose and responsibilities, which distinguish man from other creatures. Messenger of Allah was transmitting His guidance to mankind and there lives were model so that their followers could understand easily the purpose of their life and considered the limitations. Therefore in this relations the enemies of Islam have made it the target of their attack so keeping this basic point in view, I have used logical arguments in my thesis and I have quoted from authentic sources. It is my hope and expectation that my research work will not be over looked and scholars especially students will ponder over my suggestions. To the extent of my ability in the last pages of the book I have given a Bibliography of the books consulted for one-lamp lights another.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Islamic Law- an Introductory revives in historical perspective
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3 2 Aim & Objectives of the establishment of Pakistan
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4 3 Attempts for Implementation of Islamic Law for the last fifty years of Pakistan
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5 4 Possibilities for Implementation of Islamic Law in the present Circumstances
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6 5 Problems in the Implementation of Islamic Law in International perspective
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7 6 The lenient role of Govt. of Pakistan for successful Implementation of Islamic Law
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  6.1 Bibliography.