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Naqvi, Shaheen (2008) MEER TAQI MEER �€“ A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY OF HIS PERSONALITY AND POETRY. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi .



In the 1st Chapter it is to deal with the historical and social background of that period which belongs to Meer Taqi Meer. I exported the historical and social background of this period with the help of social psychology. It is necessary to scrutiny of any poet or author to exploration His historical social and political environment because any creator cannot be creates anything to strike off his environment. The effect of culture and socio-economical circumstances are very important to understand poet's personality and his poetry. This psychological analysis of historical and political conditions and the social changes which happen in the result of these conditions, social thought social effects and changes in collective thoughts and behaviors and also deal in this chapter. The Psychological motivation which is belongs to culture and its effect on the creators of particular period and their creations are deal in second chapter. I exported the psyche tendency of creators and literature of this period, and deal with the movements of literature and its subjects, and psychological background of both of them. The changes and causes of these changes in language and tones also describe in this chapter. The third chapter is psycho analysis of personality of Meer Taqi Meer. The psycho-analysis is very important discussion to understand the personality and work of a creator. I tried to understand the personality of Meer to keep away of his poetry. For this purpose I obtained help with his autobiography, old biography and opinions of critics and scholars. I tried to analysis his personality in the light of psycho dynamic personality theories. I selected three psycho analyst Frued, Jung and Adler, their theories are very important in psycho dynamic personality theories. I tried to understand the different aspects of his personality in the light of these three theories, specially these aspects which are disputed in the opinion of scholars. The creative work and process is also an important point in psychological criticism. Meer is basically odic poet. His ode is very allusive. I try to understand his allusive personality in the light of his allusive ode. These aspects of his personality which has psychological interest or his disputed properties are described to considered his odic poetry. I studied the creative process and creations of Meer in psychological bases and confirmed or confuted these aspects of his personality which come in to the light with the help of psycho-dynamic theories. In the end of this chapter tried to describe the psychological bases of his poetic techniques. In fifth chapter I studied these genres of literature which used by Meer Taqi Meer are "Masnavi", "Qasida", "Hajv", "Marsea", "Shahr Ashob", "Wasokht", "Haft Band", "Rubai", "Tarjeeh Band". It is very difficult to psychological analysis of these genres, especially formed genres and subjective genres are also not totally analysed by scholars. I tried to understand the psychological background and causes to create these genres.

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