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Perveen, Kousar (2008) OFFENSE AMONG YOUTH IN URBAN POPULATION AND ITS IMPACT ON FAMILY. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



Delinquency or offense among youth is a matter of great concern in the affluent society today. It is a challenge for social planners, community workers, and social reformers. .There are multifarious causes of this problem such as poverty, broken families, poor schooling and slums. This alarming situation calls for investigation and scientific research to find out the other interrelationship between family and offense among the youth. But no research of this type has been conducted in Pakistan so far; it is the institution of family, which plays dominant part in making the child delinquent. The youthful offendrs have also a great impact on the family itself. In the present study the phenomena of Offense Among Youth and Its Impact on Family have been especially analyzed. For this purpose the inmates of Industrial home for offenders central jail Karachi, Remand Home Nazimabad, Karachi and parents of offenders were used as units of study to analyze the impact or their wards' offenses on family. The sample size in the present study was 360 fenders find 150 parents of offenders. Purposive sampling has been applied for the selection of sample size. Accidental sampling method has been applied to interview the parents of offenders. The data was collected with the help of interview schedule designed separately for offenders and the parents of offenders. In the present study emerging profile of offenders indicated 'that the majority of offenders belonged to 11 to 15 years of age, most of them were working some where and most of them were illiterate, while those who had been to school, mostly were dropped out and rest of offenders were Madarsah literate. The socio-economic condition of offenders' families indicated low status. Parents were from middle age, majority of them being illiterate. A large number of offenders were Pushto speaking and migrants from different cities of Pakistan. Mostly they belonged to broken families of large size. Poverty and paucity of money were the major reasons of offense. Gang and friends, influence was also a reason to multiply the incidences of delinquency. Furthermore it has been found out by the results that the lack of interest of parents in child activities was a great correlate of offense among youths. The impact of delinquency on family has also been observed. It means there is not only the problem of delinquency among children but the sufferings, and social and financial set backs of the family for a along period of time do occur side by side. Parents and guardians were unable to do justice with other children because of high expenses. It has been also observed by the researcher during data collection that the parents or guardians were too much worried about their social status in the society due to their wards' deviant behaviour and so were very much curious for the restoration of the same but they did not appear to take the issue of their wards' delinquency as serious as it was. It may be concluded that there is a dire need to adopt good strategies, like family, community, peers interventions in the matter to control the phenomena and refrain our youth from offenses in future, which is alarming for society.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:offense, juvenile delinquency, family disruption, sexual abuse, abandonment, delinquents, juvenile court, youth
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