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ishrat, sumera (2008) AN INDEPTH STUDY OF THE ROLE OF NGOS IN LITERACY PROMOTION IN KATCHI ABADIES OF KARACHI. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The overall purpose of this study was to make an indepth study of the literacy programme conducting by different NGOs in Katchi abadies (slum areas) of Karachi City. The dimensions of literacy programmes concerned in the study were their origin, development, objectives, literacy coordinator, learning facilitators, in-service refresher courses, learners, syllabus as will as practices, policies, problems and prospects of the concerned organizations. The nature of this study was ‘Exploratory’ in which ‘Survey’ was used as the research strategy. Due to small number of NGOs working for literacy promotion therefore all of them and the concerned Representatives (literacy coordinators and learning Facilitators) were selected as the sample for this study whereas selection of Learners was made by ‘Convenience Sampling’ and the Experts were selected through ‘Purposive Sampling.’ A variety of research instruments was used for data collection including achievement tests, documentary analysis, interview schedules, observation, on the spot inspections and questionnaires. Afterwards, the collected data was presented through Frequency distribution and the hypotheses were tested by applying the Test of Independence (Chi-square test). The results of this study showed that, these NGOs, undoubtedly playing a vital role in eradication of illiteracy from the Katchi Abadies of Karachi. But in the situation of high rural-urban migration uneven distribution of educational facilities, high trend of dropout in schools and the rapid establishment in slum areas has resulted in high rate of illiteracy, these existing NGOS have proven to be inadequate to cope up the issue. The study made several recommendations including consider illiteracy as asocial issues and initiate programmes on war footing, assign the concern department (federal and provincial) to monitor the ongoing literacy programmes by the NGO's sector, restrict the issuance of all the national documents (ID cards, passport and license) to the literate citizens (at minimum level) Previously the critical perspectives of this research were over looked, which were identified by respected External Examiner Ms. Parin Dossa in her evaluation report. Therefore, in the light of her recommendations the researcher once again critically study the report and included the following aspects in this revised version of the dissertation: * “Critical Review of the Related Literature” was stated in Chapter-2 ‘Review of he Related Literature'. * “Analysis of the Data” was done separately after reviewing the findings of Literacy Coordinators and Learning Facilitators mentioned under the reading of Study-l 'The NGOs Representatives in Chapter 4 –‘Findings of the Study’. * “Concluding: Remarks” were formulated based on the Conclusions in Chapter – 5 “Summary, Conclusion) Discussion and Recommendations”.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:literacy promotion, katchi abadies, ngo, saarc
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