I= Tahqeeq-wa-Taleeq-wa-Dirasah: Kitab Nukhab-ul-Afkar fee Tanqeeh-e-Mabanil Akhbar fee Sharh-e-Sharh-e-Maanil Aathar
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Tahqeeq-wa-Taleeq-wa-Dirasah: Kitab Nukhab-ul-Afkar fee Tanqeeh-e-Mabanil Akhbar fee Sharh-e-Sharh-e-Maanil Aathar


Aziz-ur Rehman Saifee
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Department of Arabic/ University of Karachi
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kitab nukhab-ul-afkar, sharh-e-maanil-aathar, ai-imam abu jafar ahmed bin mohammed al-tahavee al-hanafee, al-allama al-muhaddith badar-ud-din mahmood bin ahmed ai-ainee ai-hanafee, muhaditheen, mabanil akhbar, kitab-ul-aaiman-wan nozoor, ai-derash

This thesis is a research on the elucidation of the Great Hadith book Sharh-e-Maanil-Aathar by AI-Imam Abu Jafar Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Tahavee Al-Hanafee (B: 229 A.H. D: 321 A.H.).

Al-Allama Al-Muhaddith Badar-ud-din Mahmood bin Ahmed AI-Ainee AI-Hanafee was the best commentator of this book among the other Muhaditheen. His book of commentary is known as NUKAB-UL-AFKAAR.

First, he wrote the "Mabanil Akhbar" in twelve volumes and then he summarized it with the other name, in eight volumes, which is given, and this is the topic of research.

This great book was in the form of handwriting, and had not been published since 819A.H; except seven volumes, from Darululoom Deoband, India, with some research work. This book's publication could only be completed till Kitab-ul-Aaiman-wan Nozoor.

Section No. One: (AI-Derash) It is divided into two chapters:

Chapter No. One: (AI-Imam AI-Tahavee) It is sub divided into two parts: First part: It deals with political, literary, and civil situations during his time Second part: In the second part, the biography of the great AI-Imam AI-Tahavee is explained in a summarize format.

Chapter No. Two: (AI-Allama Al-Ainee) It discusses about Al-Allama Al-Ainee. This chapter is also divided into two parts, and discusses about Al-Allama Al-Ainee's biography and his time in which he was born.

Second discussion: (The two divine books) The second discussion is about the two divine books, into two chapters.

First chapter: (Sharh-e-Maanil Aathar) The first chapter is about Al- Tahavee's book "Sharh-e-Maanil Aathar", and in which we discussed the following: 1. Explanation of its name, position, and dignity among the other books (Sihah-e-Sittah). 2. Methodology of this book. 3. Its particulars. 4. Names and references of the books, which are written upon it, and which were presently available to me.

Second chapter: (Nukhab-ul-Afkar) Pertain to Nukhab-ul-Atkar, and the following information is given about this book: 1. Authenticity of the book to the author Al-Ainee, with the witnesses of great Scholars. 2. Importance of this divine book among the great Scholars and Ulamas. 3. Methodology of the Al-Ainee in the explanation. 4. Other editions of this book in handwriting. 5. To show quality of each edition. 6. My way of research. 7. Photostats of some pages from those books on which the research is done. 8. Chain of narrators for Sharh-e-Maanil Aathar from AI-Imam AI-Tahavee till me.

Section No. Two: Research on handwritten script, there are thirteen chapters. Conclusion: 1. Results on which I have reached 2. Some advices 3. Summary of thesis 4. Bibliography 5. Index of contents

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