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Tariq, Mahmood (2008) TRADITION OF RESEARCH IN URDU IN HYDERABAD DECCAN. (UPTO FALL OF HYDERABAD DECCAN 1948). PhD thesis, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.



Hyderabad Deccan has served as an album for Science & Literature, Culture & Civilization. After the fall of Mughal Empire in 1807, Deccan proved to be last main stay for scholars and intellectuals. Research scholars of Deccan literature introduced new range and tracks to the history of Urdu literature. So Deccan deserved to surveyed historically and academically because in no other place such a large number of research scholars have launched their work. In this thesis I have surveyed research about Deccan literature as well as those institutes which have played an important role in recovery and publishing of this literature. The first chapter is divided into two parts. The first part includes brief introduction to the start of Deccan poetry and literature upto its fall, whereas the second part deals with the tradition of Urdu research with reference to its formation period. The first part of second chapter deals with the contribution of Hakim Shamsuddin Qadri as historian, research scholar, archeologist and expert of coinage, the second part deals with contribution of Moulvi Abdul Haq towards research and compilation. The third part deals comprehensively with search and research of Dr. Mohyuddin Qadri Zor for manuscripts in Deccan, its fourth part deals with recovery of Linguistic, cultural and literary legacy of Deccan by Nasiruddin Hashmi. Its fifth part deals with research and compilation of Deccan literary treasure on the part of Abdul Qadir Sarwari. The Third chapter is divided in two parts. The first part includes research and compilation work of other important and representative research scholars of Deccan whereas the second part includes the contribution of institutions like Usmania University, Daraul Tarjuma, Majlis-e-ashaat Daccani Mukhtutaat, Idara Adabyaat Urdu, Anjuman Taraqi-e-Urdu. The fourth chapter gives detailed account of literary patron ship of Nawab and rulers of Deccan as it presents academic and literary scenario after fall of Deccan. I have adopted deductive inethodology in preparation of this thesis.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:urdu, hyderabad deccan, hakim shamsuddin qadri, moulvi abdul haq, dr. mohyuddin qadri zor, nasiruddin hashmi, abdul qadir sarwari, usmania university, daraul tarjuma, majlis-e-ashaat daccani mukhtutaat, idara adabyaat urdu, anjuman taraqi-e-urdu
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