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Faculty of Arabic Language/ International Islamic University, Islamabad
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grammatical rules, quranic reading, dialects, arabs, holy quran, abi amr bin al-ala, asmai, kisai, abu ali al-farsi

There were different dialects prevalent among Arabs to whom The Holy Quran was sent down. It was sent down by Allah in accordance with their dialects & language so that they may not face any difficulty while reading it. Had He sent it down in one dialect, it would not have been possible for them to understand & act upon it. So it has sent down in different dialects of Arabs .The Companions heard it accordingly from the prophet & did not neglect a single letter or sign or reading .Thus it was transferred from generation to generation.

There are many aspects of Quranic readings so far its meaning & its effect on faith, jurisprudence & Arabic language is concerned. Their each & every aspect has been separately discussed. Linguists consider Quranic readings as their main source & they quote them to prove their claims. It is will been that ‚€˜Khalil‚€™ & ‚€˜Sibwaih‚€™ didn‚€™t Condemn any of the readings of the Quran. However Linguists from Kufa have found fault with a group of readings. The opinion of Linguist from Basra is more natural & accurate. They advance them on argument & base their principals upon them.

This discussion is a syntactical Quranic discussion as it deals with the relation of grammar with the Quran & its readings. The grammar grew up in the lap of the Holy Quran. So the Quran is the Origion of Arabic grammar. It is its fountain head which will Safeguard it & publish it for all the time coming. This Study intends to remove all doubts about the opinions of grammarians. Most of the reciters of the Quran resort to the judgment of grammarians in this connection. It also throws light on glaring difference of opinions among grammarians as regards their Criticism of the readings.

At the same time we don‚€™t want to underestimate the effects of predecessors for adverse opinion. No research Scholar can ignore their efforts. They expressed their opinions & criticized sincerely & earnestly. Who can dare to ignore grammarians like Abi Amr bin AL-ALA, Asmai, Kisai & Abu Ali AL-Farsi.

But they were all human beings prone to mistake. All these grammarians were complimentary to one another. So the later Scholars allow what had been forbidden by the formers. So they thank that criticizing a continuous reading is necessary & this seems to be the right approach.

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