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Aslam, Muhammad Nadeem (2006) CHARACTERS OF WOMEN IN FICTIONS OF MINTO WITH RESPONSE TO POLITICAL & SOCIAL CONDITION IN 20TH CENTURY. PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.



The woman character in Manto's short stories with the socio-Dolitical reference of 20th century Male dominance and oppression of woman started from the decline of matriarchal system and the beginning of civilization. This oppression has been continuing up to the capitalism of modern era through the feudal system of Medieval ages. But within this wide socio-political background the consciousness against this subjection of woman started in Europe under the capitalistic system. Whereas in India this change in the mind set initiated under the British colonial administrative attempts with the reference of changing socio-political scenario of 20th century. According to this socio-political awakening Manto presented a common Indian woman in his stories in such a way that the enselaved and declined India was being portrayed through it. According to the current socio-political trends this common Indian woman gradually continued to become so perfect in his fiction that within her oppression and subjection she had great human characteristics. These characteristics became the bases of Manto's Ideal Woman with the 20th century socio-political references. In his stories Manto had to select subjects, style, techniques and characters which ultimately became a great contribution to the Urdu literature. This went on a long way in establishing once and for all the 20th century socio-political concept of woman and womanhood in India but he had to pay for it. Charges of all kinds were levied against him. The triggering force behind these charges was the ethics of middle class that had emerged under the colonial-order. But Manto opposed this socio-political issue of 20th century in the court and in literature as well. It was presented as a degenerating patriachal morality. He vociferously refuted this idea that the concept of pornography and obscenity is confined to a woman only and hence making such literature condemnable as well.

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