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Muhammad, Shafiq (2007) THE INFLUENCE OF LITERARY MOVEMENTS & TRENDS IN 20TH CENTURY ON URDU FICTION. PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad .



In this thesis those literary movements and trends have been examined that manifested themselves in the 20th century and had their impact on the Urdu Short Story. The scope of the thesis has been outlined, chapter-wise in the following manner The first chapter presents the political, Social and literary scenario of early 20th century. It encompasses the social milieu as well as the background study of those years on the one hand and other the sphere of knowledge and ideologies, new genres and literary trends have been discussed. The second chapter consists of the early trends of the Urdu Short Story. In this background two opposing trends of Prem Chand's realism and Yaldrum's romanticism have been analysed. Another trend of modernism ushered in by 'Angaarey’ has also been discussed. The third chapter is about the impact of progressive movement on the Urdu short story. A study of movement with its causes, motives, its realism and ideology has been studied some important short story writers have been discussed for individual analysis. Modem trends in the times of progressive movement is the theme of fourth chapter. Some aspects of introversion with abstract, symbolic, psychological and social aspects have been taken up for evaluation and analytical study. Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq and its impact is the subject of fifth chapter. The characteristic attitudes of the 'Halqa' and the writers under its influence have been analyzed. The sixth chapter focuses on the emergence of romanticism in Urdu short story after the partition .A special aspect are the riots during and after the partition, the tragic and the heroic incidents presented with a romantic attitude and style as well as the general romantic trends among different short story writers has also been studied. The seventh chapter is about the Islamic and Pakistani movement in the Urdu short story. The intellectual background of the Islamic / Pakistani movement and its impact on Urdu short story has been discussed. In the eighth chapter, all the new and modem movements, schools of thought and trends that have exercised an influenced Urdu short story have been discussed, Among these are: new poetry; new linguistic patterns; abstract and symbolic writing; psychology; existentialism; new social and cultural problems as agents of change;non political attitudes and Pakistan’s social and economic problems causing attitude of resistance. Analyses of a few selected short story writers has also been included here.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:literary movements, urdu fiction, progressive movements, western trends, halqa-i–arbab-i–zoq
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