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FAROOQ, HUSSAIN (2008) ISLAMIC & HINDU SOCIETY: COMPARISON & CRITICAL ANALYSIS. PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad .



In the present Research, I seek to compare the social system of Islam with that of Hinduism. The study starts with the introduction of human society. In the first two chapters religion and its role in the construction of Human Society is discussed. The social system of Islam is discussed in 3rd chapter. The 4th chapter is specified for Hinduism, its beliefs, sacred books, teachings and social system. Beliefs, rituals, customs, manners and ceremonies of Islamic and Hindu Society are analyzed and compared in the 5th chapter. The last chapter concludes the whole work with suggestions. The leading principles of Islam, its basic values and the essential elements constitute the hard core of Islamic Society. While Hinduism is not the essential element of Hindu Society. There is clear influence of Greek, Roman, Aryan, etc., on Hinduism. The researcher has also tried to analyze the influence of Islam on Hinduism and its social system. Another significant aspect of the thesis is to analyze customs, manners, and ceremonies of both the societies. In Islamic society the beliefs system, rituals and social system are so interrelated that it cannot be treated in isolation. In Hinduism, there is no harmony among the beliefs, rituals, customs, manners and ceremonies. The present research looks into exploring the customs and manners which basically belong to Hindu Society but are also in practice in the Muslim Society of the Subcontinent. Various factors and reasons in this regard are also analyzed.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:islamic society, hindu society, human society, social system, beliefs, rituals, customs, manners, ceremonies, hinduism, muslim society
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