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ABDUL SALAM, MAHMOOD AHMAD (2007) PURVIEW OF FUTURE IN THE HOLY QURAN. PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad .



The poor and miserable condition of the present Islamic society motivates me to select this topic. I wished to bring into limelight the diseases with which our present society is afflicted and diseases which are going to infect this society in future. We discuss resort to any remedy. The thesis includes summary of discussion and a preface which throws light in the reasons for taking up this topic. To enter into core of the subject, three discussions have been undertaken. The first one defines Quran lexicographically and technologically, the second one elucidates the processing of futuristic purview lexicographically and technologically, whereas the third one gives summary of the science of future. The thesis consists of six chapters, the first chapter is divided into five sections, the second one is divided into six sections dealing with the patterns of contemporary science of futuristic purview, the methodology of this knowledge and three styles of the study future. The third one is divided into three sections discussing rights of Allah and those of the Prophet. The fourth one is divided into six sections discussing future planning in the Quran, the fifth one is divided into five sections discussing an ideal society in the Quran and the sixth chapter is divided into two sections discussing bottle necks and hurdles in the way of social evolution.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:holy quran, islamic society, futuristic purview, future planning, contemporary science, purview of future, social change
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