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Department of English/ Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
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LEGAL ENGLISH, A CASE FOR ESP, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Legal Education

In the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), researchers have already established that legal English courses do not have the potential to travel well as legal English situations differ from country to country. This is unlike other disciplines in ESP like science, engineering and medicine etc. As ESP courses are always needs based, exploration of needs. prior to the recommendation of a legal English course, is a must. Investigation of potential linguistic needs of learners o flaw in Pakistan is an area that has never been explored.

The present research is a through investigation to measure the level of existing linguistic adequacy of learners of law in Pakistan with reference to the specific roles they are required to perform so that their problem areas could be systematically identified and subsequently reported with recommendations.

To investigate learners' linguistic needs in academic and professional settings, an empirical research was conducted through a survey. I selected a method of purposive sampling. Four questionnaires were constructed for four population groups of legal discourse community: teachers of law, recent law graduates, senior lawyers and judges. For close-ended items of the questionnaires, data were analyzed quantitatively by using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), whereas open-ended items were analyzed qualitatively by reviewing responses, grouping related responses and identifying common themes.

The findings provided a clear picture of the learners' level of inadequacy in the skills and sub-skills required for performing academic and occupational roles in legal settings. The level of inadequacy varies: the more complex the text/tasks, the higher the level of inadequacy. The findings also revealed that English plays an important role in academic and professional legal settings, and a specific course for English is required to address the problem.

Based on the findings of this research, a needs-oriented course has been recommended for implementation at legal education institutions and other platforms. As the findings gave a clear picture of the levels of inadequacy in a variety of areas related to academic and professional situations, the investigation significantly contributed in the selection of proposed course contents, and subsequently prioritizing and sequencing them.

The study has a wide scope as the recommended course can be implemented in various academic and professional institutes of legal education in Pakistan.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction
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  1.1 Language Situation In Pakistan 1
  1.2 Statement Of The Problem 2
  1.3 The Objective 2
  1.4 Present Research 3
  1.5 Legal Profession In Pakistan 3
  1.6 Legal Education In Pakistan 6
  1.7 Reasons For Undertaking This Research Project 11
  1.8 Benefits Of The Research 14
  1.9 Research Questions 15
  1.10 Research Design 16
  1.11 Outline Of The Disse11ation 16
3 2 Literature Review
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  2.1 Part I Introduction 19
  2.2 Part II: Language Descriptions 28
  2.3 Part Ill : Needs Analysis 72
259.69 KB
  3.1 Introduction 96
  3.2 Sampling 99
  3.3 Construction Of Instruments 105
  3.4 Administration Of Questionnaires 115
  3.5 Data Entry 120
5 4 Analysis Of Reading Skills With Reference To Cases
830.84 KB
  4.1 Introduction 122
  4.2 Quantitative Analysis 123
  4.3 Qualitative Analysis For Reading Of Cases 123
6 5 Analyses Of Reading Textbooks/ Law Review Journals & Statutes
337.34 KB
  5.1 Quantitative Analysis 184
  5.2 Qualitative Analysis 202
7 6 Analyses Of Writing Skills
387.62 KB
  6.1 Quantitative Analysis 211
  6.2 Qualitative Analysis Of Writing Skills 234
8 7 Analyses Of Listening Skills
394.17 KB
  7.1 Quantitative Analysis 240
  7.2 Qualitative Analysis Of Listening Skills 26
9 8 Analyses Of Speaking Skills
335.68 KB
  8.1 Quantitative Analysis 267
  8.2 Qualitative Analysis Or Speaking Skills 284
10 9 Analyses Of Judges' Questionnaire & Miscellaneous Items
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  9.1 Section A: Quantitative Analyses Of Judges' Questionnaire 292
  9.2 Section B : Quantitative Analyses Of Miscellaneous Items 314
  9.3 Section C: Qualitative Analysis A Miscellaneous Item 324
11 10 Conclusion
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  10.1 Section A Overall Findings 339
  10.2 Section B Rationale For Course Designing 348
  1.03 Section C Outline Of The Recommended Course Unit 358
  10.4 References 79
  10.5 Appendix