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Department of Physics/ Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
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quantum statistical properties, radiation, photon micromaser, steady-state squeezing, field density matrix, natural linewidth, one-photon laser

We present a study on the quantum statistical properties of radiation in a one-photon micromaser. In particular, the possibility of generating steady-state squeezing is investigated. The spectral properties of the radiation field in a micromaser are also studied.

We show that the steady-state squeezing can be generated in a lossless micromaser by injecting the atoms in a coherent superposition of upper and lower states. It is shown by considering initial vacuum number and thermal state of the cavity field, that for a particular choice of the interaction time field evolves to a squeezed state. Steady- state squeezing is found to be independent of the initial state of the cavity field. However, the temporal evolution of the squeezing depends on the initial state of the field. Effects of cavity losses and pump fluctuations on steady-state squeezing are also investigated.

Finally, an exact analytic expression for the linewidth of a micromaser in the absence of cavity losses is obtained by evaluating the two-time correlation function. A comparison with the natural linewidth of laser shows that under certain conditions gain contribution to the linewidth is same in both the cases. We also, derive an exact expression for the phoston distribution function and show that for a particular choice of the interaction time, the number state of the field can be generated.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 One-Photon Micromaser 5
  1.2 Number States in Micromaser 6
  1.3 Phase Sensitivity and Squeezing in a Micromaser 8
  1.4 Spectrum of Micromaser 10
  1.5 Outline of the Thesis 11
3 2 Generation Of Steady-State Squeezing In Micromaser 14
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  2.1 The System and Equation of Motion for the Field Density Matrix 16
  2.2 Trapping States and Generation of Steady-State Squeezing 25
  2.3 Numerical Results 28
  2.4 Tangent and Cotangent States of the Electromagnetic Field 34
  2.5 Conclusion 36
4 3 Effects Of Finite Q On Steady-State Squeezing in Micromaser 38
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  3.1 The System and Equation of Motion for the Field Density Matrix 39
  3.2 Trapping states and Steady-State Squeezing in the Presence of Cavity Losses 43
  3.3 Numerical Results 45
  3.4 Conclusion 56
5 4 Natural Linewidth Of A One-Photon Micromaser 57
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  4.1 Natural Linewidth of a One-Photon Laser 58
  4.2 The System and Exact Solution for the Field Density Matrix 61
  4.3 Steady-State Photon Distribution Function 64
  4.4 Linewidth of a One-Photon Micromaser 67
  4.5 Conclusion 71
6 5 Appendeses & Reference 72-110
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