Chaudhary, Muhammad Shafique (2003) SOME ASPECTS OF BIO-ECOLOGY OF AYUBIA NATIONAL PARK NWFP-PAKISTAN. Doctoral thesis, University Of Karachi/.

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The morpho-taxonomic studies of the tiger moths family Arctiidae Leach with their biodiversity in Pakistan is attempted with special reference to their head appendages like maxillary palpi and proboscis, venations of fore and hind wings and male and female genitalia usually of both sexes. A key to all the 23-genera and 47-species those are recorded and collected from various localities of Pakistan, is formulated with the help of most reliable external characters and of the genital characters for easy identification The detailed description of twenty three genera and forty seven species including the two new species viz. Spilosoma poswali and Spilosoma saleemi, eleven already recorded species viz. Callimorpha prinicpalis (Kollar), Cretonotos gangis L., Cretonotos transiens Walker, Diacrisia oblique Walker, Digama Hearseyana Moore, Eliema conformis Moore, Pericallia imperialis Kollar, Simareea basinota Moore and Utetheisa pulchella (L.) and thirty four first time recorded species from Pakistan have been described in detail. All the genera and species included in the family Arctiidae Leach have been compared to their closest allies The biodiversity of the included taxa in various localities of Pakistan is shown with the help of maps. A Cladogram is constructed showing the relationships of 23-genera of the family Arctiidae Leach. In cladistic analysis 121-apomorphic characters have been selected and codified. On the basis of these characters, taxa have been analyzed by using autapomorphies and synapomorpies

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: ayubia national park, morpho-taxonomic, tiger moths, arctiidae leach, maxillary palpi, proboscis, agape felder, cladogram, agylla walker, amerila walker, amsecta walker, argina hubner, asota hubner, callimorpha latreille, chionaema herrich-schaffer, chrysorabdia butler, cretonotos hubner, diacrisia hubner, digama moore, eilema hubner, estigmene hubner, miltochrista hubner, nyctemera hubner, pericallia hubner, siccia walker, sidyma walker, simareea moore, spilosoma curtis, thyrgorina walker, utetheisa hubner
Subjects: G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation > G Geography (General)
Depositing User: Muhammad Khan Khan
Date Deposited: 20 Oct 2016 08:14
Last Modified: 20 Oct 2016 08:14

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