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Khan, Nasreen Aslam (1987) POPULATION REDISTRIBUTION IN PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, University of Peshawar, Peshawar.



Population redistribution, including the process of migration, has been studied for over a century, but the complex inter-relationships between migration and demographic, social, and economic factors have made it difficult to analyze the phenomenon. Pakistan's rapid population growth has been accompanied by large scale internal migration resulting in the redistribution of population and subsequent undisciplined urbanization. This study deals with some important aspects of internal migration and uneven population distribution in the country during the present century. The literature review is followed by an analysis of population growth and distribution, with emphasis on the role of migration. The main sources of data are census publications. Important determinants of the decision to move, and the consequences of rapid urbanization are discussed in detail leading to a thorough analysis of the links between the intensity of internal migration and regional inequalities in socio-economic development. To explain the existing population distribution pattern, a critical evaluation of the impacts of various government policies (both explicit and implicit) has also been carried out in historical perspective. The findings of a sample survey of migrants in Karachi have been incorporated to obtain first hand information on the role of different demographic, social and economic factors which influence the decision-making process of migration and their subsequent impacts at the individual or micro-level. The study recommends the adoption of specific long-term population distribution policies to tackle the increasing problems of over-concentration of population in a few large cities of the country. These need to be substantiated by national regional planning polio1es in order to provide a basis for the nationalization of regional plans, or for the regionalization of national plans.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Population Redistribution, Population distribution, Migration, Urbanization, Population distribution policies,
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