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National College Of Business Administration & Economics Lahore
Applied Statistics
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concomitants, ordered random variables, gaussian distribution, bivariate gaussian distribution, bivariate quasi-gaussian distribution, inverted gaussian distribution, pseudo-gaussian distribution, bivariate pscudo- gaussian distribution

After describing the main idea or the concomitants and the distributions involved in the study, some famous classes of Gaussian and bivariate Gaussian distributions have been discussed in the thesis.

The comprehensive study of bivariate quasi-Gaussian distribution has been carried out. For this study the distributions of r-th coneomitant and joint distributions of r-th and s-th concomitants have been derived. The expressions for single and product moments have been developed for these distributions. The maximum likelihood estimation of parameters has also been obtained.

A comprehensive study of bivariate pseudo-Gaussian distribution is made and a new method of deriving the bivariate pseudo-Gaussian distribution based on the compound distribution technique has been given. The distributions of r-th concomitant and joint distribution of r-th and s-th concomitants have been obtained by using various transformations. The expressions for moments and product moments have been developed. The conditional expectations have been derived for these transformations.

The concomitants for bivariate pseudo-Weibull distribution have been studied. The distributions of single and two concomitants have been derived along with the single and product moments. Bivariate quasi-pseudo- Weibull distribution has also been investigated with reference to concomitants.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Introduction 1
  1.2 Gaussian Distribution 1
  1.3 Inverted Gaussian Distribution 2
  1.4 Quasi-Gaussian Distribution 2
  1.5 Pseudo-Gaussian Distribution 2
  1.6 Concomitant Variables 3
  1.7 Types of Concomitant Variables in Statistics 4
3 2 Gaussian and related Distributions 5
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  2.1 Introduction 5
  2.2 Gaussian Distribution 5
  2.3 Inverted Gaussian Distribution 5
  2.4 Quasi-Gaussian Distribution 6
  2.5 Pseudo-Gaussian Distribution 7
  2.6 Bivariate Gaussian Distribution 7
  2.7 Bivariate Quasi-Gaussian Distribution 8
  2.8 Bivariate Pscudo - Gaussian Distribution 8
4 3 Concomitants of Ordered Random Variables for Bivariate Quasi-Gaussian Distributions 11
100.96 KB
  3.1 Introduction 11
  3.2 Distribution of Concomitant or Ordered Random Variables 11
  3.3 Distribution of Concomitants of Order Statistics for Bivariate Quasi-Gaussian Distribution 12
5 4 Concomitants of Ordered Random Variables for Bivariate Pseudo-Gaussian Distributions 19
267.73 KB
  4.1 Introduction 19
  4.2 Bivariate Pseudo-Gaussian Distribution 19
  4.3 Concomitants of Bivariate Pseudo-Gaussian Distribution 20
  4.4 Joint p.d.f . of Y( r :n ) and Y( s:n ) 31
6 5 Concomitants of Order Statistics For Bivariate Pseudo- Weibull and Quasi-Pseudo Weibull Distributions 39
253.94 KB
  5.1 Introduction 39
  5.2 Bivariate Pseudo- Weibull Distribution 39
  5.3 Concomitants of Bivariate Pseudo- Weibull Distribution 40
  5.4 Joint distribution of Y[ r:n ] and Y[ s:n ] 44
  5.5 References 54