Differential Effect Of Content Based And Pedagogical Training On Teachers Professional Development

Ahmad, Bilal (2013) Differential Effect Of Content Based And Pedagogical Training On Teachers Professional Development. Doctoral thesis, University Of The Punjab, Lahore.

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Professional development is the key to improving the instructional quality of teachers. There are different practices in teachers’ training throughout the world. In Pakistan a number of training programmes have been introduced to increase the quality of inservice teachers, but the impact of these programmes is considered marginal. The purpose of this study was to assess “the differential effect of contentbased and pedagogical training on teachers’ professional development�. This study provides empirical evidence of how “content-based training� enhances the pedagogical knowledge of teachers and how pedagogical training gives teachers the confidence to deliver the content. This content-based and pedagogical training leaves a positive effect on teachers’ performance, and consequently improves students’ learning.The sample of the study was composed of 30 grade 3 – 5 English, math and science teachers. Customized training modules were developed for training sessions in content areas, i.e, English, math and science and in pedagogical areas, i.e, teaching methodologies, lesson planning and classroom management. The participants of this study were observed three times. There were 90 observations in total. The participants attended six training sessions both in content and pedagogical areas. The collected data was analyzed by SPSS 15 version. According to the nature of data and to address research questions, non-parametric test was applied to achievement tests of content and pedagogy and observational schedule based on content and pedagogy separately. Mixed model analysis was applied to observational schedules based on content and pedagogy to find out the effect of training on teachers’ professional development.The major findings of the study are: The notion that academic qualifications alone are sufficient for hiring new teachers should be reconsidered. These teachers lacked in quality instructions because of the limitations of their natural pedagogies. A better understanding of new methods of teaching and the expanding range of pedagogies is only through training Training in content not only contributes to improve the content knowledge of teachers but also expands their natural pedagogies. The reason behind the limited success of exiting in-service teacher training programmes is that training activity for teachers content and pedagogical areas planned separately with long intervals. This gap in execution is the main cause of the ineffectiveness of training in these areas. Eliminating the gaps and sequencing the training in content and then pedagogy provides significant results in this research. The most important finding of this research is that training sessions must be conducted in sequence. Teachers benefited from training in content, which consequently resulted in efficient use of pedagogy already known to them. Therefore, academic qualifications in the relevant subject alone cannot be assumed as an alternative to content training. Training in specific content from the textbooks to be taught in the classroom is a desired element of training of in service teachers.In the changing scenario of education policies and curriculum change, training in content is necessary for novice and in-service teachers, especially in our context a teacher has to teach almost all subjects at primary level irrespective of his or her own subject specialization.

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