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Khalid Saifullah
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Department of Mathematics/ Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
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ricci collineations, cylindrically symmetric static spacetimes, einstein field equations, spacetimes, killing vectors, homothetic motions, ricci collineations, ricci tensor

Symmetries are used in general relativity not only to find the exact solutions of the Einstein Field Equations (EFE), but some of them provide invariant bases for the classification of spacetimes as well. Killing vectors (KVs), homothetic motions (HMs) and Ricci collineations (RCs) are some of these symmetries. In this thesis RCs are used to serve both of these purposes. A complete classification of cylindrically symmetric static spacetimes according to their RCs is provided. After the introductory chapter, where a survey of the related literature is given, we have obtained the RCs for the non-degenerate as well as the degenerate Ricci tensor. We have also provided their Lie algebras. It is found that the Lie algebras of the RCs of these spacetimes, for the non-degenerate Ricci tensor have dimension ranging from 3 to 10 excluding 8 and 9. For the degenerate case the Lie algebras are mostly infinite dimensional. However, cases of the algebra of dimensions 3, 4, 5 and 10 have also been found. The comparison of the RCs with the KVs and HMs has given rise to numerous interesting cases of proper (or non-isometric) RCs. Corresponding to each Lie algebra there arise differential constraints (mostly non-linear) on the metric coefficients. We have solved these constraints to construct examples of metrics which include some exact solutions admitting proper RCs. Their physical interpretation is also given. The classification of plane symmetric static spacetimes emerges as a special case of this classification when the cylinder is unfolded. Some results are summarized in the form of theorems in the concluding chapter.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 4
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  1.1 The Einstein Field Equations 6
  1.2 The Lie Derivative 7
  1.3 Symmetries In General Relativity 9
  1.4 Cylindrical Symmetry 13
3 2 Ricci Collineations Of Cylindrically Symmetric Static Spacetimes 15
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  2.1 The Ricci Collineation Equations 15
  2.2 Ricci Collineations For The Non-Degenerate Ricci Tensor 16
  2.3 Ricci Collineations For The Degenerate Ricci Tensor 49
4 3 Lie Algebras Of The Ricci Collineations 72
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  3.1 Lie Algebras Of RCS For The Non-Degenerate Ricci Tensor 72
  3.2 Lie Algebras RCS For The Degenerate Ricci Tensor 87
5 4 Metrics With Isometries And Ricci Collineations 91
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  4.1 Metr4ics With The Non-Degenerate Ricci Tensor 91
  4.2 Metrics With The Degenerate Ricci Tensor 98
6 5 Conclusion 115
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  5.1 A Symmetries In General Relativity 115
  5.2 Ricci Collineations For The Non-Degenerate Ricci Tensor 119
  5.3 Ricci Collineations For The Degenerate Ricci Tensor 170