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Nasreen Afzal
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Department of General History/ University of Karachi
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sir abdullah haroon, sindh, freedom struggle, muslims, india, karachi municipal corporation, hindu-muslim crisis, khilafat movement, allah baksh ministry, sind muslim league

A great deal has been written on the freedom struggle of Muslims in India. But for the most part the bulk of literature has been concerned with the familiar leaders of the freedom struggle. Any thing hardly has been written on the leaders of provinces, who made an extremely valuable contribution to the freedom struggle. Speaking specially about Sindh, there is no major work of this nature that deals with the leaders. Particularly, there is no specific study on the work and contributions made by Sir Haji Abdullah Haroon in the freedom struggle. This study focuses on the life and achievements of Sir Haroon who was not only a successful business man but gave selfless political services to his province.

The study illustrates that as soon as he achieved stability in his business; he turned his attention towards improving the life of his city fellows and entered into politics by winning a seat in Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC). The study includes that during his councillorship he provided huge amount of money from his own pocket for the different welfare projects of Municipality.

In the early years of his political career, he got involved in Khilafat Movement. It also discloses that he not only actively participated in the movement but whenever the movement was in monetary crisis he had always been ready to help. This movement trained him for the up coming political crisis which was the movement to separate Sindh from the Bombay Presidency. It was he who for the first time raised this local issue from the All India Muslim League platform and converted it into a national issue. During the separation movement Muslim leadership got united but as soon as separation was achieved, their solidarity ended and got divided into different factions which after the elections of 1937 began to compete with each other for getting the political control of the province. This situation continued throughout the life of Haroon and till his last breath he tried to unify the Muslims of Sindh on the platform of League.

To accomplish this he in 1938 organised a conference of Sind Provincial Muslim League at Karachi where he pronounce that Hindus and Muslims are two different nations and to solve Hindu-Muslim crisis he gave the proposal of dividing India into Hindu India and Muslim India.

Following the conference Haroon became occupied in two main assignments. Firstly, the consolidation of League in Sindh and establishing League ministry but due to the division among the Muslim members of the Sindh Assembly, these initial efforts were not successful.

Secondly, he concentrated on developing public opinion in favour of his idea. As a consequence the suggestion got accepted and different schemes for the division of India were proposed by several Muslims. The study proves that it was the continuous pursuance of Sir Haroon that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Muslim League accepted the proposition and finally passed it in the form of a resolution in 1940 at Lahore which latter became the central objective of League.

The study discloses that during the last days of his life his only mission was to propagate and explain the Muslim demand of Pakistan not only to the Muslims but also to Hindus and British alike. The premature death of Haroon did not allow him to see his idea coming into reality.

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