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Sajid Mahmood
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Department of Physics/ Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
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cooperative atomic interactions, single-mode laser, high-q cavity, scully-lamb theory, photon number fluctuations, two-level atoms, natural linewidth, elements density matrix, photon statistics

An analysis of cooperative atomic interaction in atom-field interaction is presented. A complete exact solution to the problem of two two-level atoms interaction with a single-mode quantized radiation field, in a high-Q cavity, is given. Effects of cooperation on total population inversion of two atoms as well as on the population inversion of single atom in the presence of another atom are studied. Interaction of two two-level atoms with a vacuum field in a damped cavity is studied. Numerical solutions are presented and it is shown that for asymmetric coupling there are significant effect on the dynamics of atomic inversion. It is also shown that in contrast with symmetric atom-field coupling case, there is a retention of energy by the atom when the other atom couples with different strength.

An extension of Scully-Lamb theory is made by the inclusion of cooperative atomic interactions. In particular, the single- and two-atom interactions with the field are included. A non-perturbative treatment is used to examine the effects of cooperative atomic interactions on the photon statistics in a single-mode laser. It is shown that cooperative interactions do increase the photon number fluctuations. Our results are valid for all range of laser parameters. Effect of cooperative interactions is analysed on the natural linewidth of a single-mode laser. It is shown that cooperative interactions tend to decrease the natural linewidth under certain conditions.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction
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  1.1 Interaction Of Two-Level Atoms With A Single-Mode Field 2
  1.2 Photon Statistics 6
  1.3 Natural Linewidth 8
3 2 Cooperative Atomic Interactions In A High-Q Cavity
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  2.1 Introduction 11
  2.2 Jaynes-Cummings Model 12
  2.3 Interaction Of Two Atoms With A Single-Mode Radiation Field 15
  2.4 Atomic Population Inversion 22
  2.5 Discussion 26
4 3 Cooperative Effects On Rabi Oscillations In A Damped Cavity
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  3.1 Introduction 32
  3.2 Single Atom In A Damped Cavity 33
  3.3 Equation Of Motion For The Elements Density Matrix 34
  3.4 Numerical Results 38
  3.5 Conclusions 44
5 4 Effect Of Cooperative Atomic Interactions On The Photon Statistics Of A Single-Mode Laser
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  4.1 Introduction 47
  4.2 Scully-Lamb Model 48
  4.3 Cooperative Effects In A Single-Mode Laser 50
  4.4 Photon Statistics 58
  4.5 Discussion 60
6 5 Effect Of Cooperative Atomic Interactions On Natural Linewidth Of A Single-Mode Laser
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  5.1 Introduction 62
  5.2 Spontaneous Emission And Natural Linewidth 63
  5.3 Natural Linewidth In Scully-Lamb Model 68
  5.4 Effect Of Cooperative Atomic Interactions On Laser Linewidth 70
  5.5 Results And Discussion 76
7 6 References 79
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  6.1 Appendixes 83