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Shamsul Islam
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Department of English/ McGill University
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kipling‚€™s law, misinterpretation, dark powers, british imperialism, bombay and southsea, ‚€œ seven year‚€™ hard, judaeo-christian, Stewart Kipling, a very young person, the school before its time, wanderings, wars and roots

The complex of ideas which Kipling called the law provides the key to much of his work. The full and exact determination of this master idea of Kipling has, however, remained an unsolved problem hi therto; this is mainly responsible for the general misinterpretation of Kipling. Kipling‚€™s Law may be understood as a principle of order on both social and individual levels. It is composed of interrelated elements: moral values, the imperial Idea, and the Doctrine of action. It is with this code of life that Kipling heroically opposes the Dark powers. This study of the law attempts to weave the complex web of Kipling‚€™s thought into a unity, showing that he is not a crude propagandist of British Imperialism, but a writer of depth and vision.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Source And Approaches 1
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  1.1 Biographical Sketch 2
  1.2 Kipling‚€™s Works Ion Phases And Varieties 10
  1.3 The Stewart Kipling Collection : Some Notes On Its Significance 24
  1.4 Kipling Criticism Today: Various Approaches 24
  1.5 Approach Used In This Thesis 32
3 2 Aspects Of Order And Law In Kipling‚€™s Life 43
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  2.1 ‚€œA Very Young Person‚€Ě Bombay And Southsea (1865-1882) 44
  2.2 ‚€œ The School Before Its Time‚€Ě United Services College (1878-1882) 51
  2.3 ‚€œ Seven Year‚€™ Hard‚€Ě: India (1882-1889) 57
  2.4 Wanderings, Wars And Roots (1889-1936) 65
  2.5 Summary 73
4 3 The Moral Order 76
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  3.1 Groundwork In Religion 76
  3.2 The Judaeo-Christian Tradition In Kipling‚€™s Work 78
  3.3 The Islamic Tradition In Kipling‚€™s Work 89
  3.4 Hinduism And Hindu Society In Kipling‚€™s Work 94
  3.5 Buddhium And The Lama In Kipling‚€™s Work 99
  3.6 Freemasonry And Kipling‚€™s 102
  3.7 Mithraism In Kipling‚€™s Work 106
  3.8 Summary 108
5 4 The Imperial Order 110
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  4.1 Historical Background 111
  4.2 A Case For Kipling‚€™s 122
  4.3 India : Kipling‚€™s Vision Of Chaos 130
  4.4 Kipling‚€™s Solution: Empire Based On Service And Sacrifice 147
  4.5 Kipling And Contemporary Writers On The Empire 166
6 5 The Doctrine Of Action 174
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  5.1 Suffering And Action 175
  5.2 Men Of Action 185
  5.3 Kipling‚€™s Ideal Man‚€”A Balance Of Action And Contemplation 210
  5.4 The Doctrine Of Action Among Late Victorian Writers 219
7 6 Education In The Law In Four Children‚€™s Books 225
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  6.1 Background: Children‚€™s Book As Educational Manuals 226
  6.2 The Law And Social Order In The Jungle Books 229
  6.3 Psychological Allegory In The Jungle Books 229
  6.4 The Power Of History In The Puck Books 249
  6.5 Summary 262
8 7 Summary And Conclusion 265
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  7.1 Bibliography 274