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Muhammad Amir bin Muhammad Tasin
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University of the Karachi
Islamic studies
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religious tolerance, mazhabi rawadari, quran, divine mercy, islamic brotherhood, jabr, religions place, judaism, christianity, islam

Religions has played a vital role in the evolution of human culture and civilization. It has left indelible marks on the lives of human being with the passage of time in each and every period. It is very sensitive in these affairs which pertains to faith and belief. The follower of every religion deems his idea about God, prophet & book to be superior one. He praises his co-religionist and concerns officers. That is why Religions History brims with mutual struggles and wars. These vested political interests one always behind then Religions wars & sectional grouping who want to the religion as a weapon to wield pomes. History stands witness that lime Religions leaders fanned these wars in order to fulfill these own desires & these of the ruling elite. Resultantly people began to hate Religions and considered it a cause of chaos and confusion. It is high time to bring to limelight teaching of religions based on truth, uprightness, love & peace. Every religion on the surface of earth invites to the fund a mental human ethics positive values. The primary aim of this thesis is to bring lime light religions join the hearts and ingrain sentiments of love and brotherhood in the hearts.

Thesis consists of six chapter in total & divided into fourteen section No.2 to 14 are further divided into various sub-heading in the light of the Quran.

A summary is given at the end of each section. In chapter No. 2 faiths have been introduced and it is divided into four section. The first section deals with upright faith of Abraham. The third chapter is divided into two section dealing with Religion tolerance in the light of Jewish sacred books history. The fourth chapter is also divided into two section dealing with religions tolerance in the light of Christian books & history. Similarly fifth chapter is divided into five section in which religions tolerance has been discussed in the light of Islamic History religions tolerance and millennium.

The second part of fifth chapter as given in synopsis has been -------- for--- of repetition. The sixth chapter deals with the ideas of contemporary religions ------- of the three faiths. It is divided into three sections. Every section deals with the thinkers of three faiths.

A summary of all chapter is given at the end & dame suggestions for promotion of inter religions tolerance are given. The implementation of these suggestion can make the international society a cradle for pace and tranquility.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Definition Of Rowadari (Tolerance ) 15
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  1.1 Definition 15
  1.2 Link Of Divine Mercy With Creature And The Quran 21
  1.3 Conception Of The Quran About Islamic Brotherhood A Step Towards Tolerance
  1.4 Prohibition Of Jabr ( Compulsim ) In Faith And Belief 23
  1.5 Quranic View Of Difference Of Opinion And Tolerance 31
  1.6 The Holy Quran And Respect For Religions Leaders And Hallowed Personalities
  1.7 Immoral Remark About Deities Of Other Nations And The Holy Quran 35
  1.8 Quranic In Function About Protection Of Sacred Religions Place Of Non-Muslim 36
  1.9 Infunction For Justice And Good Will And Condemnation Of Injustice And Oppression 38
  1.10 Quranic View Of Justice And Religions Tolerance 41
  1.11 The Holy Quran And Unity Of Humanity 45
  1.12 Quranic Conception Of Jihad (Holy War ) 49
  1.13 Quranic Ideas For Framing Peaceful Society 54
  1.14 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Ahadith 56
3 2 An Introduction To Three Faiths 88
709.79 KB
  2.1 An Introduction 88
  2.2 An Introduction Of Judaism 92
  2.3 An Introduction Of Christianity 98
  2.4 An Introduction Of Islam 108
4 3 Religions Tolerance In The Light Jewish Sacred Books And History 136
370.55 KB
  3.1 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Jewish History 136
  3.2 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Jewish Sacred Books 147
5 4 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Christian 160
745.24 KB
  4.1 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Christian Sacred 160
  4.2 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Christian History 173
6 5 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of Islamic History 209
683.64 KB
  5.1 An Introduction 209
  5.2 Biography Of The Prophet And Religions Tolerance 209
  5.3 Religions Tolerance Of The Comparison In The Light Of Historical Events 220
  5.4 Religions Tolerance Of The Muslim Rules Of Medieval Ages 228
  5.5 History Of Islamic Rule On In Idea And Religions Tolerance 232
7 6 Religions Tolerance In The Light Of The Thought Of Contemporary Thinkers Of These Faiths 252
1334.14 KB
  6.1 Contemporary Jewish Thinkers And Religions Tolerance 252
  6.2 Contemporary Christian Thinkers And Religions Tolerance 253
  6.3 Contemporary Muslim Thinkers And Religions Tolerance 275
  6.4 Conclusion 214
  6.5 Bibliography 324