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Zohra Begum
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University of Karachi, Pakistan
2003 - 2004
Special education
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human resources, paraprofessionals, special education, peers in special education, human resource workers, human resource workers

The study has been designed to ascertain how human resource workers (HRW) can be utilized best in special education. The main objective of the study was to make effective use and utilization of human resources in an organized manner. Thirty special centers for different disabilities from different areas of Karachi, Rawalpindi and four sectors of Islamabad were selected as representative sample. For the collection of data, structured questionnaires were developed for head-Teachers / Administrators/ special Education Teachers and Resource workers, comprising different items on the basis of an objectives of the study and theoretical knowledge of the subject. In order to collect the data, the investigator visited centers personally including the centers for physically Handicapped, visually handicapped, Hearing impaired and mentally retarded children to have a clear idea about the subject. The data was collected and recorded on tabular form. Statistical analysis of data made and hypothesis were tested to find out the best and effective use of ˝ Resource Worker˝ in different special Education settings. Most of the respondents agreed that resource workers (paraprofessionalֽ volunteers and peer tutors) can play a very important role in the education and rehabilitation of special children. Results indicate that resource workers (RWs) can play a vital role in sharing the duties of professionals.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Background Of The Study 1
  1.2 Scope Of The Study 9
  1.3 Statement Of The Problem 11
  1.4 Objective Of The Study 12
  1.5 Hypotheses Of The Study 13
  1.6 Operational Definitions 13
  1.7 Limitations Of The Study 15
3 2 Review Of Literature 16
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  2.1 Human Resources And Special Education 16
  2.2 Use Of Paraprofessionals Special Education 19
  2.3 Volunteers In Special Education 29
  2.4 Use Of Peers In Special Education 44
  2.5 Social Work In Special Education 54
  2.6 Special Education In Pakistan 62
  2.7 Effective Use Of Human Resource Workers ( Hrws ) 83
  2.8 Training Of Hyman Resource Workers 92
4 3 Research Methodology 100
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  3.1 Population And Samples Of The Study 100
  3.2 Description Of The Instrument 103
  3.3 Procedure Of Data Collection 104
  3.4 Coding And Analysis Of Data 105
5 4 Interpretation Of The Results 106
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  4.1 Characteristics Of The Respondents 119
  4.2 Role Of Parents In The Education Of Special Children
  4.3 Utilization Of Human Resource In Special Education 126
  4.4 Human Resource Development Program(HRD) 133
  4.5 Human Research Program Implementation 143
  4.6 Suggestions 154
6 5 Testing Of The Hypotheses 164
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7 6 Summary, Discussion, Conclusion And Recommendation 173
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8 7 References 198
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  7.1 Annexure 198
  7.2 Questionnaires 206
  7.3 National Policy, Persons With Disabilities (2002) 236
  7.4 Research Paper 247