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Farhat Gulzar
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University Of The Punjab
Urban Geography
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urban fringe, land values, population growth, arial expansion, lahore,

The present research is concerned with an enquiry in to the structure of the urban fringe of Lahore city and its functional study. The growth of the urban fringe does not occur in isolation, however, and it is therefore necessary to outline the spatial relationships and processes through which development takes place.

In order to examine the factors affecting urban fringe growth the functions of the fringe have been considered the study identifies a number of problems, and issues for investigation, analysis and discussion.

The research has been divided in to two parts. Part 1 deals with the growth and expansion of the Lahore city and part 2 with the functional study of the urban fringe.

The growth and expansion of the city and the various functions of the urban fringe are related to a number of spatial and social forces. This has automatically invited, here, a detailed invited, here, a detailed investigation of a fundamental yet long neglected urban phenomenon, namely, the development and neglected urban phenomenon, namely, the development and functions of the urban fringe.

The investigation is also concerned with establishing the degree to which exogenous and endogenous factors influence and are associated with the patterns of urban fringe growth.

Finally, the study concentrates on the present day functions of the urban fringe. Field surveys carried out provide details regarding the functional structure of the urban fringe. Further, it may also be claimed here with confidence that the problem of the delineation of the urban fringe of Lahore city through its functional study has been solved more or less successfully.

The study is the first one of its kind of urban Geography of Lahore and is a subject inviting great amount of attention. It i. presented, here, as a humble contribution to the delineation and understanding of the urban fringe which is perhaps the most important theater of urban dynamics of the city as well as a partial guide to evolve sound realistic public and private policy on them. At a more general level the study provides on empirical basis for understanding of developments that occur in the urban fringe as the process of metropolitanization takes place.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Growth And Expansion Of Lahore City 1
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  1.1 Introduction 1
  1.2 Arial Expansion Of Lahore 39
  1.3 Population Growth 67
  1.4 Land Values 107
3 2 Functional Study Of The Urban Fringe
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  2.1 Residence 145
  2.2 Industry 180
  2.3 Commerce 326
  2.4 Transport 397
  2.5 Education 411
  2.6 Health 429
  2.7 Recreation 447
  2.8 Conclusion 464
  2.9 Appendices 476
  2.10 Bibliography 502