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Shahwani, Abdul Hameed (2002) THE BEGINNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF BRAHUI LYRICAL POETRY. PhD thesis, University of Balochistan, Quetta.



The primary motive of writing this research paper on the Beginning and Development of Brahui Lyrical Verse is to critically review the development of lyrical verse in Ancient Brahui language and to bring about a nationwide awareness of its cultural history and to create an environment of brotherhood among all living in this country . The other motive of writing this theses is to introduce the Brahui Lyrical Verse to the non Brahui speaking linguistic groups and people of the country. It will prove to be a stepping stone for those researchers who intend to further explore new trends in it. It will also ignite new discussions on the Brahui Lyrical Verse. The methodology adopted for writings this research paper is direct help from the literary books, interviews with the writers, reference books and various periodicals and magazine were used in finalizing this work. The scope was limited to Balochistan province but help was also sought from other provinces and sources from international libraries were also used. This research paper is comprised of poetical history of Brahui Language. The first chapter is a historical introduction to the Brahui Language. The second chapter deals with the literary history of the Brahui Language. It reflects the origin of the creation of literary history having deep roots in the region. It also mentions the old and post 1947 era of modern Brahui literature and poetry in details. Chapter three covers brief account of Brahui folk poetry as well as classical poetry. It also tells us the introduction of the Brahui Lyrical Verse, who was the first Brahui Poets and the trends of the Brahui Lyrical Verse in its historical prospective. Chapter four covers the technical structure and qualities of the Brahui Lyrical Verse. It gives us the details of its rhyme scheme, similes and usage of metaphors, dot less verse and discloses the various experimental stages of its development. Chapter five explores the acute and fine concept of Love. Where ever the humans live, love flourishes there and disclosure of the same feelings causes the Lyrical verse to happen. It discusses the concepts of Agape love and Platonic love, what is love and the praise of the beloved, element of liquor and booze, social and cultural topics are all found it this chapter. Chapter six throws light on the modern trends on the Brahui Lyrical Verse. The development stages of the verse in the light of the changing cultural and social scenarios. This is the most interesting and unique chapter of the research paper because the most important concepts of romanticism, objectivity, reservation and elegy form the part of discussion here. These concepts are not only the cause of recognition of Brahui verse it also reflect the real temperament of the people. Chapter eight acquaints the reader with the Brahui Poets of different ages. It divides in three periods poets of Old ages, poets of Middle Ages and poets of Modern era. It is a concluding chapter forming a bridge to the early chapters to have a logical conclusion.

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