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Daiwan Narain Datta Uppal
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University Of The Punjab
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making of punjabi, primary linguistic, punjabi history, punjabi literature, new indo-aryan language, middle punjabi, old punjabi, punjabi poetry , punjabi prose

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction
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  1.1 Some Primary Linguistic Considerations
  1.2 The Punjab And Punjabi In History And Literature
  1.3 The Three Chief Dialects Of Punjabi And Their Nomenclature
  1.4 Punjabi As A New Indo-Aryan Language
  1.5 Sanskrit And Punjabi
  1.6 The Object Of This Book
3 2 Old Punjabi And Middle Punjabi
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  2.1 Punjabi Apabhramsa Or Old Punjabi And Mah ***** Prakrita
  2.2 Samples Of Current Puthwhari And Multani
  2.3 Samples Of Old Literary Punjabi
  2.4 Middle Punjabi Poetry
  2.5 Middle Punjabi Prose
4 3 Word €“Making In Punjabi
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  3.1 Agents Of Linguistic Change.
  3.2 General Laws Of Sound-Change.
  3.3 Word-Formations And Idioms
  3.4 Special Grammatical Formations
  3.5 Formation Of Simple And Compound Nouns.
  3.6 Back €“ To €“ Sanskrit Movement.
  3.7 A Word About Root-Creation.
5 4 Foreign Loan Words In Punjabi.
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  4.1 Persian Words In Everyday Use.
  4.2 Arabic-Persian Prefixes And Suffixes.
  4.3 Words From European Languages.
  4.4 European Words In Common Speech Of Today.
  4.5 Rules Of Sound-Change In And New Formation From, Loan, Words
  4.6 Portuguese Words In Punjabi.
6 5 The Making Of Punjabi Grammar.
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  5.1 Current Puthwhaui , Current Lahauri And Current Multani .
  5.2 Puthwhari, Multani And Lahouri .
  5.3 Declensions And Inflections.
  5.4 The Diminutive And The Feminine Gender.
  5.5 Persian Influence On Punjabi.
  5.6 A Note On Punjabi Equivalents Of 'Was'.
  5.7 Profit And Loss.
7 6 Evolution And Changes Of Meaning.
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  6.1 Common Words For Study.
  6.2 Sanskrits And Punjabi.
  6.3 Persian And Punjabi.
  6.4 English And Other European Words.
8 7 Pronunciation And Spelling.
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  7.1 Peculiarities Of Modern Punjabi Pronunciation And Spelling.
  7.2 Syllables And Stress-Accent.
9 8 Standard Spoken Punjabi And Standard Literary Punjabi.
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  8.1 Some Misconceptions.
  8.2 Evidences From Wild.
  8.3 Our Deductions About The Three Dialects Of Punjabi.
  8.4 Phonetic Features Of The Ludhiana District Dialect.
  8.5 Characteristics Of Multani €”Linguistics And Phonetic.
  8.6 Important Poetical Works In Multani .
10 9 Appendix.
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