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Saeeduudin Ahmad Dar
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University Of The Punjab
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pakistan, egypt, pakistan‚€™s foreign policy, muslim states, ummah, british india, middle east, suez crisis

One of the main objectives of Pakistan‚€™s foreign policy has been to establish close relations with the Muslim states and strive for the unity of the Ummah. Pakistan has found it hard to achieve this objective in the world where national interest is the most dominant factor in the foreign policies of the states. However, motivated by ummah spirit, Pakistan gave a special special place to the Middle East in its foreign policy and in spite of hurdles and setbacks its interest in the region has persisted.

Pakistan‚€™s relations with Egypt, one of the most important countries of the middle East are the subject of this study. It is an historical analysis of the relations between Pakistan and Egypt during the period 1947 and 1970. The factors which influenced the relations of the two states have been discussed in the wider perspective of international politics.

In addition to 'introduction' and ‚€˜Conclusion‚€™ the study consists of six chapters. The first chapter is a general survey of Pakistan‚€™s relations with the Middle East. The second chapter deals with the development of the different historical experience of the people of Egypt and the Muslims of British India which resulted in the formation of two different patterns of thinking and influenced Pakistan‚€™s relations with Egypt in their early phase. The third chapter deals with the difficulties Pakistan had to face in removing misunderstandings and misconceptions of Egypt and how by a persistent and cautious policy Pakistan was able to improve its relations with Egypt. The circumstances leading to the formation of the Baghdad pact and the reasons for the adoption of opposite policies towards it by Pakistan and Egypt is the subject matter of the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter deals with the circumstances leading to the Suez Crisis and creation of a situation in which the national interests of the two states clashed and led to the deterioration of relations between Pakistan and Egypt. Changes in domestic and international scene which affected Pakistan‚€™s foreign policy in late fifties have been discussed in the sixth chapter. The new pattern facilitated *** improvement of relations between Pakistan and Egypt during 1958-1971.

The appendices include chronology, list of Pakistan‚€™s Ambassadors to Egypt, list of Egypt‚€™s Ambassadors to Pakistan‚€™ joint communiqu√©s and treaties.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Pakistan And Middle East: An Overview 13
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3 2 The Strangers: Independence Period 57
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4 3 Getting To Know Each Other (1947 ‚€“ 53) 79
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5 4 Alliance Vs. Neutrality (1954 ‚€“ 55) 110
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6 5 Suez Crisis And Its Aftermath (1956 ‚€“ 58) 142
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7 6 Mending The Fences (1958 ‚€“ 71) 183
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8 7 Conclusion 216
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9 8 Appendices 222
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  8.1 Chronology 222
  8.2 List Of Ambassadors Of Pakistan To Egypt 234
  8.3 List Of Ambassadors Of Egypt To Pakistan 236
  8.4 *Oin t Communiqu√©s 238
  8.5 Treaties 250
10 9 Bibliography 278
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