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Izzat Muhammad Ibrahim Hassan
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Department of Arabic Language/ Bahauddin Zakariyya Univesity
Arabic Language
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jihad, holy war, afghanistan, arabian poets, islam

Firstly ;-The conception of Jihad and Its significance in Islam. Secondly :-Reason for selecting this topic. Thirdly :-Methodology of thesis.

The conception of Jihad and its significance in Islam:- Jihad in the way of Allah is one of important pillars of Islam. Allah has enjoined it gradually in the Quarani‚€™ verse No. 4; 74.

Allah orders prophet to persuade the believers for fighting in the verse No. 8;65. Some verses urge the Muslims for boldness & courage as verse no. 4:104 & 9:38.

The Allah‚€™s Book explains the extent of legality of jihad as verse no 2:216 & 8:39. Allah clarifies the philosophy underlying the enjoining of Jihad in verse no 9:13.

The prophet of Allah expounds the merits of Jihad is has traditions, & lays special emphasis on the necessity of Jihad. His com implemented his instructions in letter and sprit as is evidence the verse no 48:29

Right from the inception of Islam, poets accompanied the fighters in almost all the holy battles . History of Islam recorded the poems said I praise of Holy fighters. It is related that Abdul bin Mubarak used to travel 1600 meters either on foot or one the back of a horse. He also said a poem eulogizing the excellence of holy war.

Jihad was a mean for preaching Islam and poetry was one of the means of its communication. It played an important role in producing enthusiasm in the hearts of Muslims.

Secondly:-The reason for selecting this topic:- Jihad in Afghanistan is the leading issue confronting Muslims of this century. Muslims of today have completely surrendered to non-believing forces. The ray of hope gleaned in the cast i.e Afghanistan. The communications on slaught against it jolted the Muslim world severely. All the poets, therefore harnessed then pens & Intellect to support their Muslim brothers.

The enemies of Islam attacked our brothers in Afghanistan so we were individually duty bound to participate in this Holy war. The Afghan Fighter set an excellent example of sacrifice for the course of Islam. They showed superb patience and steadfastness. They proved to be symbol for honor of Islam.

The poems elucidated the danger involved in the assault of communism on Islam.

Poems of Arabian poetry played vital & active part in Jihad of Afghanistan apart from encouraging the fighters, they goaded the Muslims to support them.

The poems of ‚€˜ Abd Al-Rehman Al-Khulaifa , Dr, Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ashmavi, Mustafa Al-Kilani, Yusuf Abd Htalah and Dr Tahaya al-Hajj infused a new spirit in the hearts of holy fighters as well as the Muslims of the whole world.

Thirdly :-Methodology in dissertation:- Following points are discussed therein:- 1I have discussed the history of Afghanistan right from 200 B.C upto the Russian occupation. 2Relation between Moscow and Kabul; important of Kabul for the Soviet union. 3I have discussed the problem of occupation, External & internal causes ;factors helping his occupation. 4Resistance of Afghanis. 5Danger of this raid for Arabian gulf and holy lands.

Politically, militarily, religiously and economically because the gulf is considered to be a second sensitive point between two big power.

Poets responded quickly to this tragic went became they are in the fore forest of the vigilance section of the society. So all the magazines were flooded with poems depicting this bloody struggle and encouraging for resistance.

I, therefore, undertook to analyse these poems to be aware of these contents, trends targets.

I, therefore, collected from different newspapers , Journal, 1394- 1414 A.H (1979- 1994 A.D) This is purely for their ideological value rather them their artistic value.

So, I considered it as my duty to compile all these poems in collection so that the reader may be able to comprehend their dimensions.

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