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Iffat Arif
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Centre for Solid State Physics/ University of the Punjab
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oxide glasses, glass ceramics, barium-potassium-borate, cadmium-stroncium-borate, energy band gap, optical absorption

Oxide Glasses of two different compositions based on Barium-Potassium-Borate and Cadmium-Stroncium-Borate were prepared. The addition of metal oxides to the First system resulted in a shift of Tg TL towards lower temperature, a decrease of optical hand gaps, as measured by photoconduction and optical absorption method. Dielectric constant ā‚¬ and tangent loss tanĪ“ also showed a decrease. In case of second system increase of CdO at the expense of SrO, showed similar results.

In addition to glasses, by control crystallization of suitable glasses fine grained and uniform glass - ceramics of different compositions were prepared and investigated, bone cement based on SiO2-CaO-P2O5 were also prepared and tested as a bone filler. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were carried out to identify the different phases and grain size respectively. Compressive and bending strength were also measured. To test the biocompatibility. Immersion Test in Simulated Body' Fluid and hone bonding mechanism with the natural bone were also investigated through an actual transplant of glass-ceramics ill mile living dogs' Tibias.

All bioactive and biological glass-ceramics showed excellent biocompatibility with the biological texture of living bone. Bioactive glass-ceramics formed tight chemical bond with the natural bone within 8-12 weeks.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction
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3 2 Oxide Glasses
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  0 Definition Of Lasses
  2.2 Glasses Formation
  2.3 Structure Of Glasses
  2.4 Theory Of Glasses
  2.5 Application Of Glasses
4 3 Literature Review 25
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  3.1 Optical Properties Of Glasses 25
  3.2 Energy Band Gap And Optical Absorption In Glass 26
  3.3 Effect Of Annealing On Optical Band Gap 27
  3.4 Photoconduction Of Glasses 29
  3.5 Dielectric Properties Of Glasses 31
  3.6 Bioglass-Ceramics 33
5 4 Experimental Procedure 38
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  4.1 Glasses 38
  4.2 Glass-Ceramics And Glass-Ceramics 51
6 5 Results And Discussion 59
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  5.1 Different Thermal Analysis ( Dta ) 59
  5.2 Optical Properties 79
  5.3 Optical Spectroscopic Study 100
  5.4 Dielectric Properties 132
  5.5 Glass-Ceramics 215
7 6 General Conclusion 271
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  6.1 Suggestion For Future Work 272
  6.2 References 274