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Muhammad Afzal Ch.
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Institute of Education and Research/ University of the Punjab
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commerce education, intermediate level, d. com, d.b.a, i. com, colleges of commerce, commercial training institutes, polytechnic institutes

This study was aimed to analyze commerce education at Intermediate level. The objectives of the study were: 1) to study the development of commerce education at Intermediate level since 1947, 2) to analyze how far the objectives of commerce education as set by various plans and policy documents had been realized, 3) to analyze success or failure in implementing the policies and Plans for commerce education and causes of failure, if any, and 4) to suggest measures to improve Commerce Education at intermediate level. The data for the study were mostly qualitative in nature; hence the research design was qualitative. The data were drawn from government documents. Interviews were conducted with the personnel working or retired at administrative level and commerce teachers in commerce education at Intermediate level i.e. Intermediate in Commerce (I. Com) and Diploma in Commerce(D. Com). The researcher developed two interview schedules. One interview schedule was for I.Com. and was administered to the personnel of Government Colleges and Government Higher Secondary Schools. The other interview schedule was for D. Com and was administered to the personnel of Government Commercial Training Institutes (GCTIs), Government Colleges of Commerce (GCCs) and Government Polytechnic Institutes (GPIWs) in Punjab. The data were tabulated and analyzed. The major findings of the study included: 1) d. Com. Passouts were not given preference for employments in business and government offices. 2) curriculum of I. Com was revised six times while that of D. Com was revised three times. 3) curriculum of Diploma in Business Administration (D.B.A) was revised once in 2001. 4) there was a substantial increase in the number of GCTIs and GCCs in Punjab.5) enrolment increased almost steadily in I.Com and D.Com, but bulidings.7) in-service teacher training was non-existent for the teachers of Government Colleges and Government Higher Secondary Schools. 8) for the teachers of GCTIs GCCs and GPIWs a Staff Training Institute was started by TEVTA for pedagogy training and training in management skills. It was concluded that, the objectives of commerce education as set by Sharif Commission were mainly achieved. The number of GCTIs (now GICs) and GCCs increased substantially. D.Com passouts were not given preferences for employments in business and government offices. Commerce education at intermediate level (I.Com) was offered in certain Government colleges and Government Higher Secondary Schools. Computer course was added as compulsory subject in D.Com in 2001,while in I.Com the subject of computer studies was included as optional subject in 1999. Computers were not provided in Government Colleges for the teaching and training of this subject. Enrolment in I.Com increased 120 times and in D.Com increased 25 times since 1960. The targets set in plans and policies were achieved.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Statement of the Problem 4
  1.2 Significance of the Study 5
  1.3 Objectives of the Study 6
  1.4 Delimitations 7
  1.5 Limitations 7
  1.6 Procedure of the Study 7
  1.7 Data Analysis 9
  1.8 Definitions of Terms 9
  1.9 Abbreviations 11
3 2 Review of Related Literature 12
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  2.1 Education-A: Education in Early civilizations 12
  2.2 Section-B: Development Plans 40
  2.3 Section-C: Publications of UNESCO/UNEVOC 53
  2.4 Administration of Commerce Education 60
  2.5 70
4 3 Method and Procedure 79
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  3.1 Instrument 79
  3.2 Sources of Data 79
  3.3 Sample 80
  3.4 Sample Size 80
  3.5 Interviews 81
  3.6 Pretesting 81
  3.7 Collection of Date 83
  3.8 Procedure of Data Analysis 84
5 4 Analysis and Interpretation of data 86
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  4.1 Curriculum 86
  4.2 Assessment and Promotion Rules for D. Com/D.B.A. (2001) 126
  4.3 Summary of the Curriculum of D.Com. 128
  4.4 Commerce education in Asian Countries 136
  4.5 Development of Commerce Education in Punjab 137
  4.6 Summary of the Development of Government Commercial 138
  4.7 Enrolment 155
6 5 Summary, Findings, Discussion Conclusions and Recommendations 254
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  5.1 Summary 254
  5.2 Findings 256
  5.3 Discussion on Findings 267
  5.4 Conclusions 271
  5.5 Recommendations 275
  5.6 Recommendations for further Research 279
7 6 Bibliography 280
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