SAFIYYAH, IBAD (2007) REASONS OF SUICIDE IN WRITERS: (WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO URDU LITERATURE). Doctoral thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

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This dissertation is about "Reasons of Suicide in Writers" (With Particular Reference to Urdu Literature). There are five chapters of my research thesis. In the first chapter, the definition of Suicide has been described in the light and references of Dictionaries, Internet, Encyclopedias, Economic, Social and Biochemical factors. It also covers the views of different religions in this regard. In the second chapter, the important literary figures who have committed suicide in the west has been described individually, where as the third chapter is concerned with Pakistani Urdu writers, who had committed suicide. In the fourth chapter, those writers in Urdu Literature have been discussed, who had led their lives in the charm and love of death. They tortured themselves by using excessive narcotics and attempting suicide. The last chapter includes the analysis of those reasons, which remained helpful in the suicide of writers. The main points in this reference are following: * They were ultra sensitive and highly imaginative people, so they set unrealistically very high goals in their lives. * Although many economical, social, mental and psychiatric problems were involved with them, but actually they were death lovers. For them the death was not the end of life, but it was the continuity of a new life and finding the unseen truth. * Those writers were idealistic and due to the unfulfillment of their dreams, they often committed suicides. *Urdu writers also followed the suicidal trend of the western writers like the other literary trends. * My topic is exclusively concerned with the suicides of writers. Instead of the detail of their lives, only the reasons and that particularly state of mind has been highlighted, which pushed them towards suicide, the suicide which is called "Suicidology" in literary terms. Lastly, only those English terms are written in thesis as it is, which do not produce their sufficient sense and meaning in Urdu.

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