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Department of Physics, University of the Punjab Lahore
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high Energies, Elastic Scattering, intersecting storage ring energies, NN elastic scattering, Nucleon-Nucleon Elastic Scattering

In this thesis we have given a general introduction to the process NN †’ NN, surveyed the literature on experimental measurements with special emphasis on the experiments at intersecting storage ring energies and critically reviewed some of the important theoretical models used for fitting the experimental data. Each theoretical model is described in detail and the strong and weak points of each model are lucidly delineated so that the path along which one has to move forward may be clearly visible. Finally, the simple Regge pole model with phenomenological residue functions has been used to fit the various characteristics of pp elastic scattering for PˆŸ > 100 GeV/c. Our study of this reaction is confined to incident beam laboratory momenta PL > 100 GeV/c as the total cross section decisively starts rising and the dip in the differential cross section starts developing at PL=l00 GeV/c indicating that we are at the threshold of a new domain in pp elastic scattering. The predictions of the model regarding the structure in differential cross section, the inward movement of the dip position, the emergence of the first and the absence of second dip, the unexpected rise in total cross section, the magnitude and change in sign of the ratio of the real and imaginary parts of the scattering amplitude, and the polarisation parameter agree with experiment. The data for the processes np †’np, pp †’ pp and pn †’ pn which are related to the process pp †’ pp, as under p†”n the odd-isospin exchanged trajectories and under particle †”antiparticle the odd-Cn exchanged trajectories change sign, are also fitted without introducing any new parameter. It is for, the first time that a simultaneous comprehensive explanation of the data for all these reactions has been given.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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3 2 Survey of Literature on Experimental Measurements 5
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  2.1 Differential cross section 5
  2.2 Total cross section 17
  2.3 Ratio of the real and imaginary pats of forward scattering amplitude. 22
  2.4 Polarization 24
4 3 Important theoretical models and their applications 28
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  3.1 Dual absorptive model 29
  3.2 Van der waals type model 39
  3.3 Dipole pomeron Model 48
  3.4 The eikonal model 57
  3.5 Remarks regarding data explanation based upon other models. 71
5 4 Simple regge pole model for NN elastic scattering at high energies 75
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6 5 References 98
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