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Mohammad, Saleem (2005) COST EFFICIENCY OF CELLULAR MOBILE FIRMS IN PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.



Telecommunications services play a key role in the growth of an economy because they promote efficiency and growth across a wide range of user industries in any country. Modern telecommunication infrastructure and high speed network facilities internet penetration, cellular mobile subscription and spread of IT application, spur productive efficiency in an economy. This thesis focuses on the evolution of cost efficiency in the cellular mobile industry of Pakistan over the period 1994-2001. It uses data Envelopment analysis ,a non-parametric approach that allows the measurement of the Malmquist total Factor Productivity (TFP) Index. It decomposes the changes in productivity into variations in efficiency and technical change. Computation of efficiency is among the most important factors in the analysis of performance of firms, industry sector, and the economy as a whole. One of the advantages of the non-parametric technique, based on linear programming, is that a priori specifications of functional form is not required The cellular mobile firms were characterized by a weak process of catch-up in labor productivity. Since we have employed traditional DEA models, which assumes diminishing returns technology, our measure could underestimate efficiency in period close to major technological change. However the existence of increasing returns to scale technology could be, in its turn, offset by the presence of the market liberalization process. Technological developments and regulatory measures have improved the performance that found to have a significantly position effective on growth of cellular subscribers’ base, coverage, quality of service and labor productivity. Mobile penetration was positively affected by competition.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:cellular mobile firms, pakistan, telecommunications, cost efficiency, high speed network, cellular subscribers, coverage, quality of service, mobile penetration
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