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Burdey, Muhammad Bux (2003) MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN BASIC EDUCATION IN REMOTE AREA OF SINDH, PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The purpose of this study is to explore the reasons for failures of public policy & management of primary education in Remote Area of Sindh. Our assumption is that prevailing high power distance between landlords & industrialist (upper class) and harries (lower class), high power distance between bosses and sub-ordinate’s has contributed to the dismal show of the primary education in the area. We also assumed that financial inability of the poverty-stricken lower class people has impaired the primary education of the mass children belonging to the lower class families The existing institutions in the area, the structure and modes of operation cannot accommodate effective implementation of policies. The teaching methods in vogue with extra emphasis on reading the textbooks leave much to be desired. Given the poor quality of textbooks, They fail to stimulate the child Since independence in 1947 the educational system has been expanded in terms of number of institutions of increase the enrollments. By and large the effort has remained focused towards quantitative expansion of actual school plants. The supervision of professional guidance has lagged far behind The participation rate at the primary level in the area would not increase substantially unless special efforts are made for the education of girls and boys belonging to the disadvantaged sections of the population. The gap between the participation rates of the boys and girls is indeed, wide, Special social campaigns need to be launched to secure better participation of girls The worst criticism so far as the existing; curriculum is concerned is the fact that the same lays extra stress on filling a child’s mind with a lump of knowledge-Mainly names, dates and statistic, rather than helping him develop his understanding of things and stimulating of his curiosity, imagination and creativity. A look at the contents of many of the textbooks is enough to show how unrealistic and unproductively demanding are the expectations of our educational managers The author examines, the management issues in basic education with specific focus of the process. This study leads to achieve the goal of universalization of primary education

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:basic education, sindh, public policy, harries, primary education, child’s mind, education system, district thar, dadu, kohistan, tharparkar, working children, school buildings, teachers, textbooks, teachers training
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Public Administration(g17)
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