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Syeda Afroz
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University Of Karachi/ Department of Pharmacology
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arachidonic acid, platelet-activating, morpholino compounds, morpholino derivatives, cyclooxygenase, arachidonic metabolism, lipoxygenase

The pharmacological effect of morpholino compound in different biological field is of great importance for researchers and investigators. They are working day and night to synthesize Pharmacologically more effective morpholino derivatives with less toxic effects

After evaluation of results of morpholino compounds it may be concluded that the present study has yielded a fair success rate. This kind of pharmacological screening of synthesized compounds can lead to the discovery of biologically useful compounds. The findings of the present study are encouraging as almost all of the morpholino compounds showed a promising type of analgesic, anti-inflammatory activity and few exhibited activities against factors involved in platelet functions

Results of experiments conducted with morpholino compounds require an extensive screening. It is observed that all of the compounds showing positive results do possess biological activities. The present results of these compounds can be made authentic by detailed investigations

The course of present work is encouraging, yielding significant activities of new morpholino compounds and the work could be extended to detailed toxicological evaluation of these compounds

Chemically synthesized morpholino compounds were tested for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities in intact albino mice and rat. Compounds were administered orally in different doses using the tail immersion test in mice for analgesic activity and carrageenan induced hind paw edema in rats for anti-inflammatory activity. The studies also involve the aggregation of human blood platelets. The mechanism involved in the aggregation of platelet mediated by ADP, PAF and AA was also investigated

The results of this study demonstrated that compound has inhibitory effect on arachidonic acid metabolisms via cyclooxygenase pathway or we can say the inhibition of prostaglandins biosynthesis. This finding is further corroborated by our result that compound inhibit the carrageen an induced inflammation in rat paw

Classical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which inhibits cyclooxygenase can shift arachidonic metabolism to lipoxygenase products

These findings reflect a new fact of pharmacological action of this compound like inhibition of arachidonic acid pathways in vivo so that may exhibit analgesic or anti-inflammatory activity, where arachidonic acid metabolites are implicated

It can be concluded that the present studies revealed a fair success rate but it is necessary to carry out further investigation to confirm the results to that the patient can exhibit useful effects without having any harmful effects

The morpholino compounds tested in present study revealed significant analgesic anti-inflammatory activity and few exhibited activities against factors involved in platelet activation. The compound do not reveal any gross toxic effect or behavioral changes. No mortality was observed upto a period of about 30 days

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