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Shamshad Akhtar
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University of Karachi/ Department of Geography
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spatial distribution, urban land values, karachi, residential areas, industrial areas, land value

Urban land values constitute an important aspect of study in urban geography where the emphasis is laid primarily on spatial analysis. Urban land values are note uniformly distributed in cities. The city centre records highest land values in almost all cities of the world. The land values decrease is not uniform. It takes many curvilinear shapes. In large cities there are mini-poles of land values like regional retail centres, business thoroughfares etc. Usually decrease in the land values from these mini-poles also acquire patterns which differ from city to city. Land values are affected by different factor like location of plot, amenities, taxes, environmental conditions and inter-related factors

The present study analyses the land value distribution within Karachi City us the largest city of Pakistan. Its land use is complex. Therefore a complex pattern of land values has developed. The study examines the following aspect of land values

1. An overall distribution of land values within the city. The city centre records the highest land value. The land values decrease with distance from the city centre. It has been investigated in this study whether decrease in land value from the city cnetre to the periphery is linear or not. If not, whether it has developed a pattern

2. The city centre is not a point. It covers an appreciable area. Land values differ from one part of the city centre to the other

3. Distributional pattern of land values within the city centre has been analysed

4. Retail trading areas develop in different parts of the city. More complex the city more complex its retail trade. Next to the city centre the retail areas fetch high land values. However the land values differ from one retail area to another. It has been investigated whether the land values of retail areas have developed any pattern

5. Residential land values differ from one area to another in accordance with their location in relation to city centre, retail centers, industrial areas, highways and roads, plot size and many other factors. An attempt has been made to analyse the residential land values

6. Industries constitute an important land use of Karachi. Their land values differ from one industrial area to another and also within the industrial areas. Both these aspects of land values have been analysed in this study

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1 0 Contents 0
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Previous Studies 1
  1.2 The Scope Of Present Study 8
  1.3 Sources Of Data 10
3 2 Karachi Past And Present 11
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  2.1 Population Growth And Aerial Expansion Land Use 11
  2.2 Land Use 19
4 3 General Pattern Of Land Value Distribution In Karachi City 29
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5 4 City Centre-Land Values 42
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  4.1 Emergence And Evolution 42
  4.2 Delimitging The City Centre 44
  4.3 Land Use Within The City Centre 47
  4.4 Land Values Within The City Centre 61
6 5 Retail Structure And Land Values 70
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  5.1 Retail Structure Of Karachi City 70
  5.2 Distribution Of Land Values 85
7 6 Residential Structure And Land Values 106
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  6.1 Residential Land Pricing 114
  6.2 Distribution Of Land Values 116
  6.3 Land Value Distribution Within Residential Areas 122
8 7 Industrial Structure And Land Values 138
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  7.1 Land Value Distribution 141
  7.2 Land Value Variation Within Industrial Areas 148
  7.3 Land Value Distribution Within Site 155
9 8 Summary 161
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10 9 Bibliography 166
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  9.1 Appendix 190