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Butt, Naeem (2003) SYNTHESIS OF SOME BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE PIPERIDINE BASED COMPOUND. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The research work presented in this dissertation describes the synthesis of different derivatives of 1,4-bipiperidine (82) and 4-(aminomethyl)piperidine (94) at their nitrogen atoms and resultant derivatives screened for their selective biological activities including brine shrimp Icthality. phytotoxic, antibactcrial, antifungal. antiphagc. antioxidant. tyrosinasc. lipoxygcnase. acetylcholincstcrasc, butyrylcholincstersc, urcase. α-glucosidasc and β-glucuronidase inhibition. Thc structure of all the synthcsized compounds wcrc dctermincd by using different spcctroscopic techniqucs i.e. UV, IR, NMR, mass and thcir purity was confirm cd by elemental analysis. The most important results of this research work is the evaluation of 2-napthoyl-I,4 bipiperidine (84). 4' - methylbenzyl-l , 4 bipiperidine (85), 4' - nitrobezensulfonyI-l,4- bipiperidine (89) N-( 4-methylbcnzyl)-N-[ (1-( 4-methylbenzyl)-4-piperidinyl)methyl)methyl]amine (95) and 4-mcthyl-N-{[1-(4-methylbenzoyl)-4-pipcridinyl]methyl}-benzamide (97) as highly tyrosinase inhibitory agcnts.Another important finding of this research work is mcthyl-(4-{[(3-mcthoxy-3oxopropyl)amino]methyl}-l-pipcridinyl)propanoate (102) as highly urcasc inhibitory agent. Another important finding of this research work is compounds 95-107 as highly antioxidative inhibitory. Four compounds 88, 95. 96 and 103 showed strong cytotoxic activities, when screened for brine shrimp lethality test. Some of the compounds phytotoxic activities at three different concentration levels i,e. 500, 50, 5 µg/ml. Compounds 82 and 83 showed strong activities against Fusarium solani, compounds 91, 101, 104, 105 and 106 demonstrated excellent activities against Aspergillus flam, and compounds 95 and 97 exhibited strong activities against Trichophyton longifusus.However, these compounds along with other derivatives showed varying degree of activities against Trichophyton longifusus, Candida alhicans, Aspergillus flavus, Microsporum canis, Fusarium solani and Candida glaberate. Two compounds 91 and 95 showed strong lipoxygenase enzyme inhibitory activity.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:piperidine, fusarium solani, aspergillus flam, trichophyton longifusus, trichophyton longifusus, candida alhicans, aspergillus flavus, microsporum canis, fusarium solani, candida glaberate
Subjects:Biological & Medical Sciences (c) > Medical Sciences (c2) > Pharmacy(c2.5)
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Deposited On:18 Jan 2007
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