I= A: The Rimary Structure of Hemoglobins From Two Carnivora:1 Lion (Panthera Leo), 2 Tiger (Panthera Tigris)B: Classical Synthesis of Thymosin β9 (1-4,22-24, 33-41)
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A: The Rimary Structure of Hemoglobins From Two Carnivora:1 Lion (Panthera Leo), 2 Tiger (Panthera Tigris)B: Classical Synthesis of Thymosin β9 (1-4,22-24, 33-41)

Meeno Jahan
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H.E.J. Research institute of Chemistry/ University of Karachi.
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hemoglobin, lion, panthera leo, tiger, panthera tigris, carnivora hemoglobins, thymosin

The complete primary structure of hemoglobin from lion (Panthera leo) and tiger (Panthera tigris) has been determined. Globin of both animals contain two components identified to be HbI and HbII. The 8 chains of the two animals are identical while they differ in their chains.

Native globin chains Were separated on ion-exchange and RP-HPLC column. The sequence of the globin chains as well as tryptic -peptides was studied by automatic Edman degradation methods using liquid-phase sequencer and gas-phase sequencer. The intact subunits Were digested by enzymatic cleavage into tryptic peptides. The sequences Were compared for homology with human hemoglobin. The β-chain of the major components (βI) has a blocked N-terminal residue, identified as acetylated serine, whereas that of the minor component (β II) is free glycine. The two hemoglobin components of lion as well as tiger have identical צ chains and differ with respect to their β-chains at the following positions (βI/βII/): ,NA1 Ac-Ser/Gly, 8A1 Ser/Thr, β H17 Ser/ Asn and 8HC1 Arg/Lys.

The structural and functional aspects of these exchanges are discussed. Homologous alignment of the structure with 14 other animals belonging to different families of order carnivora discloses many interesting points.

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1 1 Part-A The Primary Structure Of Hemoglobins From Two Carnivore ( I) Lion (Panthera Leo) ,Ii ) Tiger (Panthera Tigris) 1
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  1.1 Introduction 1
  1.2 General Introduction 1
  1.3 Function Of Hemoglobin 4
  1.4 Evolution And Phylogeny 6
  1.5 Mammalian Hemoglobin 9
  1.6 Aim Of The Present Study 13
2 2 Experimental 14
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  2.1 Collection Of The Blood Samples 14
  2.2 Isolation Of Hemoglobin 14
  2.3 Preparation Of Globin 14
  2.4 Electrophoresis 15
  2.5 Separation Of Globin Chains 17
3 3 Results 24
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  3.1 Lion (Panthera Leo) Hemoglobins 24
  3.2 Tiger ( Panthera Tigris) Hemoglobins 40
4 4 Discussion 50
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  4.1 Carnivora Hemoglobins 50
  4.2 Homologous Correlation Of Lion And Tiger Hemoglobins With Human Hemoglobin
  4.3 Blocked N-Terminal Chain 58
  4.4 Evolutionary Relationship 58
  4.5 Primary Structure Of Globin Chains 59
  4.6 Variations And Conserved Amino Acids 61
5 5 References 68
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