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Pir, Muhammad (1999) PHYTOCHEMICAL INVESTIGATIONS ON AJUGA PARVIFLORA AND PAEONIA EMODI. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



This dissertation describes the phytochemical investigation on the two medicinally important plants of Pakistan namely Ajuga parviflora and paeonia emodi Phytochemical studies on the whole plant of A. parviflora have led to the isolation of fourteen compounds. Among these compounds eight are new while the remaining six are new source compounds. The new compounds are, 4-acetyloxy-4-(methylenecarboethoxy)-cyclohexa-2, 5-dienone (51), 4-acetyloxy-4-(methylenecarboethoxy)-cyclohexa-2, 5-dienone (52), 4-hydroxy-4-(methylenecarboethoxy)-cyclohexa-2, 5-dienone (53), Ajugin A (60), Ajugin B (61), Ajugin C (62) and Ajugin D (63). The new source source compounds are, 4-hydroxy-4-(methylenecarboethoxy)-cyclohexa-2, 5-dienone (54), β-sitosterol (55), stigmast-erol (56), lupeol (57) oleanolic acid (58) and ajugalactone (64) Fitoterapia 1999 70, 229. Fitoterapia 1999, 70, 229. Fitoterapia 1999 70, 229.Phytochemistry 1999, 51, 669. J. Nat. Prod. 1999, 62, 1290. J. Nat. Prod. 1999, 62, 1920. Helv. Chim. Act. 1999, 82, 1423. Helv. Chim.. Act. 1999, 82, 1423 Studies on the chemical constituents of Paeonia emodi resulted eight compounds. Among these compounds two monoterpene glyxosides Wurdin (65) and Benzoyl wurdin (66) are new, the Lactiflorin (67), Galloyoxypaeoniflorin (68), 1,5-dihydroxy-3-methylanthraquinone (69) Methyl grevillate (70), Ethyl gallate (71) are new source compounds while Paeoniflorin (72) is know compkound The structures of these know and known natural products were determined on the basis of extensive spectroscopy including one-and two- and inverse two-dimensional NMR experiments (like COSY and HMQC) and chemical derivatizations Z.fut Naturforschung 1999, 54b, 544, Z. Fur Naturforschung 1999, 54b, 544.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:ajuga parviflora, paeonia emodi, a. parviflora, withanolides
Subjects:Physical Sciences (f) > Chemistry(f2)
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