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Abdullah Khan
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University of Karachi /Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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nitrogenous heterocycles, quinoline, isoquinoline, pyridine, phenacyl, 1-adamantyl moiety

Heterocyclic compounds are very wide and expanding area of chemistry as well as pharmacology. One of the main aims of the present work is to synthesize numerous nitrogenous heterocyclic derivatives of quinoline, isoquinoline and pyridine analogues for their potential, therapeutical significance, with the emphasis on the basic principles and as far as possible, on unifying correlation’s with respect to the structure-activity relationship

For the sake of convenience and better understanding the thesis has been organized into three parts i.e. (A.B.C) which is entitled as “Synthesis and biological studies on some nitrogenous heterocycles” Also there are sufficient number of references in this thesis and this can be of value to the researchers in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and related disciplines

This thesis presents the work in three parts. The part-A related studies on the quinoline derivatives which have led to the preparation and characterization of fourteen quaternary ammonium compounds as well as pharmacological studies. Brine shrimp bioassay was carried out to study the cytotoxieity of these compounds. Most of the compounds exhibited antimicrobial activity. These compounds showed hypotensive, hypertensive and biphasic responses in the cardiovascular activity. Compounds showed high degree of activity when further studied for their effect on isolated rabbit jejunum

The part-B deals with the investigation carried out on the studies on isoquinoline derivatives which culminated in the synthesis of fourteen derivatives. These compounds were also evaluated for the similar biological properties as indicated in part-A

The part-C of this research work deals with studies on six-membered heterocycles, containing nitrogen as hetero atom. Ten derivatives of substituted phenacyl and six derivatives of 1-adamantyl moiety are presented in this part of the thesis. The compounds under study were also evaluated for their similar pharmacological studies as describes in part-A

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2 1 Part-A-Introduction 7
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  1.1 Discussion 21
  1.2 Experimental 45
  1.3 References 73
  1.4 Review of Literature 7
3 2 Part-B-Introduction 86
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  2.1 Discussion 100
  2.2 Experimental 125
  2.3 References 143
4 3 Part-C-Introduction 152
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  3.1 Discussion 164
  3.2 Experimental 187
  3.3 References 208
5 4 Appendix 217
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  4.1 List of Tables (Part-A) 217
  4.2 List of Tables (Part-B) 218
  4.3 List of Tables (Part-C) 219
  4.4 List of Substances (Part-A) 220
  4.5 List of Substances (Part-B) 221
  4.6 List of Substances (Part-C) 222
  4.7 List of Figures (Part-A,B,C) 223