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Abdul Saleem Siddiqui
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University of Karachi/ Department of Zoology
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strachine genera, hemioptera: pentatomidae pentatominae, pentatomine tribe, pentatomidae leach, bagrada stal, eurydema laporte, madates strand, stenozygum fieber, strachia hahn

The pentatomine tribe Strachiini Stal of the stinkbug family Pentatomidae Leach comprising the genera Bagrada Stal, Eurydema Laporte, Madates Strand, Stenozygum Fieber and Strachia Hahn from Indo-Pakistan subcontinent including 28 species with four new species and three new records is described in detail with special reference to their metathoracic scent auricles and male and female genitalia

In addition to these species, genera and species were also described or studied with new species outside Indo-Pakistan subcontinent for these were either earlier placed or appeared close to the above studied genera of Strachiini. For instance the genus Grossiana Ahmad Khan (1979) representing Strachia persignata (Walker) from Queensland, Australia and Murgantia Stal representing M. histrionica from new world were studied and in agreement with Ahmad and Khan (1979) and Brailovsky (1989) these appeared closely related to the above general Strachiini. The genus Capnoda Jakovlev representing C. batesoni Jakovlev from Eukrane described and illustrated by Puchkov (1961 and 1965) was also included but unfortunately not a single specimen of this or any other species of this genus could be procured, therefore it could not be confirmed whether it actually belonged to the tribe Strachiini in the present sense.

In addition to these the genus Gynenica Dallas originally included in the key of his division Eurydemaria by Distant (1902) (equivalent to Strachiini stal for which Leston (1953a) suggested a new tribe within Pentatominae although he did not formally name or describe it and for which Ahamd and Mohammad (1980) described a new tribe Lestocoriini with Lestonocoris Ahmad and Mohammad and Umgababa Leaton was also studied with species of the above genera included by Ahmad and Mohammad (1980). The present studies confirm the findings of not only the above authors but also of Schaefer and Ahmad (1987) who carried out a cladsitic analysis of the members of this tribe

Distant (1902) also included in his division Agonoscelis Stal which was originally placed by Dallas (1852) in his Halyidae and Atkinson (1888) following Stal (1876) placed it in Stal’s tribe Agonoscelaria and Ahmad (1979) in his revision of Pentatomidae from Pakistan with their relationships treated it within the tribe Agonoscelini was also studied with A. mubila (F.) from Dacca. Bangladesh and a new species A. karachiensis from Karachi, Pakistan and the treatment in an independent tribe by Atkinson (op.cit) and Ahamad (op. cit) were presently confirmed. Similarly Knightiella Ahmad and Khan (1979) representing Stenozygum flavifons Distant from New Calodenia was also studied for which the above authors (op. cit) tentatively proposed Knightiellini and which taxon was formally described as such by Ahmad (1979). The present studied also confirm their findings. Aplerotus Dallas representing A. grossi from Australia previously treated with other painted bug genera by Kirkland (1909) and later under his Mecidea group by Gross (1976) and considered by Ahmad et al. (1980) close to Niarius Stal in Diemenini was also included for resolving its phylogenetic status. The brilliantly patterned genera Cat acanthus Stal formerly treated in his Nezaria ( a synonym of Pentatomini Leach) representing from Australian and Oriental regions and Parastrachia Distant recently treated under the subfamily Parastrachiinae of the family Cydnidae by Schaefer et. al. (1988) and also Runibia Stal (1961) another painted bug genus representing R. decorate (Dallas) from Texas, North America were also studied to resolve their phylogenetic status. Dallas (1851) and Walker (1867) described a number of species as Strachia which later were included under the genus Runibia Stal by Kirkland (1908 and 1909)

Detailed morphology of Eurydema pluchra (Westwood) from Pakistan is also carried out to understand the characters of taxonomic importance. A cladistic analysis of all the described genera of Strachiini from Indo-Pakistan subcontinent with Grossiana. Murgantia, Capnoda, Knight Ella, Aplerotus and Runibia and all the known species of the starchiness from Indo-Pakistan subcontinent is also carried out to understand the relationships of the included taxa

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1 0 Contents 0
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2 1 Introduction 6
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  1.1 Review Of Literature 10
3 2 Taxonomical , Faunistic and Revisional studies 15
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4 3 Tribe Strachiini Stal 42
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  3.1 Key To The Strachiine And Related Genera 44
  3.2 Genus Aplerotus Dallas 48
  3.3 Key To The Genus Aplerotus Dallas 50
  3.4 Genus Bagrada Stal 53
  3.5 Key To The Subgenus And Species Of The Genus Bagrada Stal 55
  3.6 Subgenus Bagrada Stal, 1862 Sensu Stricto 58
  3.7 Genus Eurydema Laporte 75
  3.8 Key To The Species Of The Genus Eurydema Laporte 77
  3.9 Genus Madates Strand 128
  3.10 Genus Runibia Stal 140
  3.11 Genus Stenozygum Fieber 147
  3.12 Key To The Species Of The Genus Stenozygum Fieber 148
  3.13 Genus Strachia Hahn 1831 163
  3.14 Key To The Species Of The Genus Strachia Hahn 164
  3.15 Apendix 168
  3.16 Genus Agonoscelis Spinola 168
  3.17 Key To The Species Of The Genus Agonoscelis Spinola 169
5 4 Trib Lestonocorinl Ahmad and Mohammad 180
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  4.1 Genus Catacanthus Spinola 181
  4.2 Key To The Species Of The Genus Catacanthus Spinola 182
  4.3 Genus Parastrachia Distant 192
6 5 Cladistic analysis 197
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  5.1 Key To The Genera Of Lestonocorini Ahmad And Mohammad 198
  5.2 Genus Gynenica Dallas 1851 200
  5.3 Genus Neogynenica Yang 205
  5.4 Genus Umgababa Leston 206
  5.5 Cladistic Analysis 208
  5.6 Table-1 Character And Characterstates Of Strachiine Genera 208
  5.7 Discussion On Cladogram 217
  5.8 Table-2: Character And Characterstates Of The Species Of The Genus Bagrada Stal 219
  5.9 Discussion On Cladogram 226
  5.10 Table-3: Character And Characterstates Of The Species Of The Genus Eurydema Laporte 228
  5.11 Discussion On Cladogram 235
  5.12 Table-4: Character And Characterstates Of The Species Of The Genus Stenozygum Fieber 237
  5.13 Discussion On Cladogram 244
7 6 Summary 246
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  6.1 References 247
  6.2 List Of Author’s Publication 259