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Baloch, Muhammad Nawaz (2002) DOCUMENTATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CAMEL BREEDS OF PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam.



Study was carried out to identity, document and characterize the camel breeds of Pakistan. Data were collected on pre-tested questionnaire from different -regions of the country and statistically analyzed. The breeds documented trom various provinces of Pakistan are Larri, Kharai, Sakrai and Dhatti from Sindh; Kachhi, Brahvi, Makrani, Lassi. Rodbari, Pishin and Kharani from Balochistan; Marecha, Bagri, Brela and Campbelpuri from Punjab; Kala-Chitta, Ghulmani, Gaddi, khader and Maya from NWFP and Bacterian (double-humped) from Northern Areas of Pakistan. Habitat and ecology of each breed is described. The data were collected on breed characteristics like morphological somatometeric, growth, production, reproduction traits, draughtability and utility of the documented breeds. The morphological data included the measurement of various body parts, like face, head, ears, neck, hump and somatometeric measurements included girth, height, length and measurement of fore and hind legs. Values of pooled data (of all the breeds) on birth weight, weaning weight and adult weight averaged 46.69, 94.13 and 668.73 kg, respectively. The effects of the breed and sex were significant. Overall means of age at first riding and first loading were 1192.19 and 1435.69 days, respectively. The milk yield and lactation length averaged 1894.93 liters and 445.58 days, respectively. Average age at first breeding in male and female was 4.23 and 3.57 years, respectively. The variations in the trait due to sex and breed were significant. Overall means of dry period and calving interval were 289.83 and 764.87 days, respectively Mean value of riding speed and load carrying capability were 7.69 , km/hr and 406.18 kg respectively. The camel is playing an important role in the agrarian economy of Pakistan. It's role in performing various on and off farm operations (load carrying on back, pulling cart load, drawing water from the wells, drawing Persian well and oil extraction mills etc.) have also been assessed.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Documentation, Characterization, Camel Breeds, Kharai, Sakrai, Dhatti, Kachhi, Brahvi, Makrani, Lassi, Rodbari, Pishin, Kharani, Marecha Bagri, Brela, Campbelpuri, Kala-Chita, Ghulmani, Gaddi, Khader, Maya, Bacterian, Draughtability, Agrarian economy, Camel milk, Hair of Camel,
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