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Usman Ghani Khan
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Doctor of Philosophy University of Karachi
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capparis becidua, shrub capparis decidua, prosopis glandulosa, mimosacease, capparidaceae

The thesis is divided into three parts. Part I describes a study made on the alkaloid of a shrub capparis decidua (Capparidaceae). Part II records an investigation of the alkaloidal constituents of a medium size tree prosopis glandulosa (Mimosacease). Part III describes some laboratory experiments on the antimicrobial activity of extracts and pure compounds obtained from these two plants.

Part I. Capparis decidua is utilized in folk medicine to cure rheumatism and as counter-irritant. From root bark of this plant a new and novel indole alkaloid, named as capparisine has been isolated. Capparisine has been subjected to extensive chemical and spectroscopic investigations. High pressure liquid chromatography was utilized to check the purity of capparisine. Field desorption mass spectrometery of the compound and elemental analysis showed the molecular formula as C27H33N3O6 (mol. Wt. 495). Ultraviolet spectrum revealed the presences of indole moiety , whereas infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of capparisine and its derivatives showed many chemical salient features. 13C-MR depicted the plausible carbon skeleton fragments of the compound. In the evidence of suggested.

Part-II. From prosopis glandulosa leaves has been isolated three alkaloidal constituents of piperidine nature. These two are identified as juliflorine and julifloridine. However, the third alkaloid which is a new alkaloid has been subjected to extensive chemical and spectroscopic studies. The mass spectrum of the juliflorinine showed the molecular ion at m/e 629 exhibiting the molecular formula as C40H75N3O2. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum revealed some of the chemical features, where as 13C-NMR spectrum showed the possible carbon skeleton. In the light of these studies a partial structure has been proposed for juliflorinine.

Part-III. In this part is reported the antibacterial activity of the ethanolic extracts of root bark of capparis decidua and leaves of prosopis, julifloridine and juliflorinine. Except julifloridine, the extracts of capparisine, juliflorine, juliflorinine exhibited various degree of antimicrobial activity.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Phytochemical Studies On Capparis Decidua 3
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  1.1 Introduction 4
  1.2 Folkloric Medicinal Uses Of Capparis 7
  1.3 Pharmacological And Antibacterial Activity 11
  1.4 Botanical Description Of Capparis Decidua 13
  1.5 Literature Survey Of Capparis 14
3 2 Results And Discussion 22
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  2.1 Capparisine Acetate 44
  2.2 Capparisine Hydroiodide 56
4 3 Experimental 64
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  3.1 Method I Extraction Of Root Bark 65
  3.2 Method Ii Extraction Of Root Bark 66
  3.3 Method Iii Extraction Of Root Bark 67
  3.4 Thin Layer Chromatography Of Capparisine 68
  3.5 Solubility Of Capparisine 70
  3.6 Chemical Test On Capparisine 70
  3.7 Crystallization Of Capparisine 71
  3.8 Spectral Data Of Capparisine 72
  3.9 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography 73
  3.10 Acetylation Of Capparisine 74
  3.11 Spectral Data Of Capparisine Acetate 74
  3.12 Salt Of Capparisine 75
  3.13 Attempted Borohydride Reduction 76
  3.14 Attempted Alkaline Hydrolysis 77
  3.15 Methylation Of Capparisine 78
  3.16 Attempted Ester Formation 79
  3.17 Potassium Hydroxide Fusion 80
  3.18 13 c-Nmr Data 82
  3.19 References 83
5 4 Phytochemical Studies On Prosopis Glandulosa 88
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  4.1 Introduction 89
  4.2 Folkloric Medicinal Uses Of Prosopis 91
  4.3 Antibacterial And Anti-Inflammatory Activity 92
  4.4 Botanical Description Of Prosopis Glandulosa 94
  4.5 Literature Survey 95
6 5 Results And Discussion 99
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  5.1 Juliflorine 101
  5.2 Julifloridine 104
  5.3 Juliflorinine 106
7 6 Experimental 116
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  6.1 Extraction Of Prosopis Glandulosa Leaves 117
  6.2 Isolation Of Juliflorine 119
  6.3 Isolation Of Julifloridine 120
  6.4 Isolation Of Juliflorinine 121
  6.5 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Of Juliflorinine 123
  6.6 Acetylation Of Juliflorinine 123
  6.7 References 125
8 7 Antibacterial Screening 128
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