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Shama Nasim
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H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry/ University of Karachi
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iris species, heterocyclic compounds, family irideaceae, genus iris, iris germanica l, iris soforana l., isoflavonoids, iris germanica, embelin, prolyl endopeptidase

The work embodied in this Ph.D dissertation is presented in three parts: first, phytochemical investigation on the rhizomes of iris germanica (Part A) and iris soforana (Part B), two medicinally important plant of Turkish origin, second, synthesis and structure activity relationship(SAR) of the naturally occurring embelin and its derivatives on prolyl endopeptidase (part C-I); and third anit-inflammatory (Part-II), and α-glycosidase (Part C-III) activities of compounds isolated from the above-mentioned plants.

Part-A this part of the thesis deals with the phytochemical investigation of the rhizomes of iris germanica. The introduction includes a brief review of earlier research work on the chemical constituents and pharmacological activity of the plant. The present study has led t the isolation of seven new isoflavonoids glycosides 56-62 and one synthetically known compounds 63 along with twelve known compounds 64-75

Part-B This part present results of studies on the rhizomes of another Turkish medicinal plant iris soforana that yielded two new isoflavonoids 76-77 along with eleven known compounds 78-88 including β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, a benzene derivative and several other simple isoflavones. According t the best of our knowledge, no phytochemical works has been conducted previously on this plant and this is the first report of the phytochemical investigation of Iris soforana.

Part-C results compiled in part C are divided into three sections (parts, I, II and III), largely describing the results of some biological assays on the synthetic derivatives, known and new compounds. Some of these compounds were found to be active against the enzymes PEP and α-glucosidase, as well as active in anit-inflammatory assay.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 General Introduction 1
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3 2 Introduction 3
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  2.1 Family Irideaceae 3
  2.2 Genus Iris 3
  2.3 Biological Importance Of The Genus Iris 4
  2.4 Iris Germanica L 5
  2.5 Iris Soforana L. 5
  2.6 Isoflavonoids 6
  2.7 Medicinal Important Of Isoflavonoids 9
  2.8 Biosynthesis Of Isoflavonoids 21
  2.9 Spectroscopic Characteristics Of Isoflavonoids 21
4 3 Results And Discussion 30
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  3.1 New Isoflavonoids Glycosides From Iris Germanica 30
  3.2 A New Natural Product From Iris Germanica 82
  3.3 Known Isoflavonoids And Isoflavonoids Glycosides From Iris Germanica 87
  3.4 New Isoflavonoids From Iris Soforana 101
  3.5 Known Compounds Isolated First Time From Iris Soforana 111
5 4 Experimental 121
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  4.1 General Experimental 121
  4.2 Physical Constants 121
  4.3 Spectroscopic Techniques 121
  4.4 Chromatographic Techniques 121
  4.5 Detection Of Compounds By Chromatography 122
  4.6 Iris Germanica 122
6 5 New Isoflavonoids Glycosides From Iris Germanica 128
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7 6 A New Natural Isoflavonoids From Iris Germanica 139
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8 7 Known Isoflavonoids From Iris Germanica 140
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9 8 Iris Soforana 153
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10 9 Known Compounds From Iris Soforana 158
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11 10 Synthesis And Structure Activity Relationship Of Embelin And Its Derivatives Against Prolyl Endopeptidase 173
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12 11 Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Compounds Isolated From Iris Germanica 191
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13 12 Α- Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity Of Compounds Isolated From Iris Germanica 198
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14 13 Bibliography 203
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  13.1 Glossary 214
  13.2 List Of Publications 217