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Yasin J. Nasir
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Department of Botany/ University of Karachi
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family primulaceae, androsace hazarica y. nasir, a. ojhorensis y. nasir, a. lowariensis, y. nasir, a. baltistanica y. nasir, y. russellii y. nasir, a. staintonii y. nasir, primula denticuloides y. nasir; y. nasir, a. aizoon ssp. androsace himalaica, ssp. kurramensis brirensis y. nasir, cortusa matthioli ssp. hazarica y. nasir, genus primula, genus dionysia, genus androsace, genus cortusa, genus lysimachia, genus glaux, genus anagallis, genus samolus

In the present study the family Primulaceae, represented by sixty one taxa, is revised from Pakistan and Kashmir.

A synthetic approach has been used utilizing the information available from various fields including the macromorphological characters, seed and pollen morphology.

Eleven new taxa are described for the first time. These include Androsace hazarica Y. Nasir, A. ojhorensis Y. Nasir, A. lowariensis, Y. Nasir, A. baltistanica Y. Nasir, Y. russellii Y. Nasir, A. staintonii Y. Nasir and primula denticuloides Y. Nasir; the 3 new subspecies are Y. Nasir, A. aizoon ssp. Androsace himalaica, ssp. kurramensis brirensis Y. Nasir and Cortusa matthioli ssp. hazarica Y. Nasir. Androsace robusta var. gracilis Y. Nasir is newly described from Ladak.

The following taxa are given new status: Androsace rotundifolia ssp. glandulosa (Hook. f.) Y. Nasir, A. thomsonii (Watt) Y. Nasir,A. villosissima (Knuth) Y. Nasir and Lysimachia japonica ssp. Papuana (5. Moore) Y. Nasir. A combination and status novum has been given to Androsace robusta ssp. jacquemontii (Duby ex DC.) Y. Nasir, Y.harrissii ssp. crassifolia (Wendelbo) Y. Nasir and one new name given i.e. A. alii Y. Nasir. primula heydei Watt has been placed as a synonym of P. minutissima Jacq.

The classification of the genus Androsace is revised and includes 2 new subsections i.e. subsect. Himalaicae and subsect. Harrissianae. The series Mucronifoliae Handel-Mazzetti given sub-sectional rank.

In the genus Primula the subsect. Inayatii and subsect sibirica(classification after subsect. Inayatii and subsect.Smith and Fletcher, 1942) are accorded sectional rank.

The scanning of both the pollen and the seed for most of the Himalayan taxa studied, has been done for the first time and the characters employed in this respect have proved to be useful in assessing relationships and redefining groups.

Descriptions accompanied by for all the taxa concerned, along their geographical distribution. detailed drawings are given with notes and maps showing Endemism is briefly discussed.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 General Introduction1
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  1.1 Vegetative Morphology 2
  1.2 Inflorescence And Flower 4
  1.3 Flower Variability And Pollination 12
  1.4 Anatomy 14
  1.5 Phytochemistry 17
  1.6 Cytology 19
  1.7 Distribution, Phytogeography And Endemism 22
3 2 Part-I Seed Morphology 31
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  2.1 Introduction 31
  2.2 A Historic Review 32
  2.3 Materials And Methods 35
  2.4 Results, Seed Description To Family And Genera, Key To Species 37
  2.5 Discussion And Conclusion 42
  2.6 Plates 70-89
4 3 Part-Ii Palynology 90
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  3.1 Introduction 90
  3.2 Materials And Methods 92
  3.3 Results 93
  3.4 Discussion And Conclusion 101
  3.5 Plates 130-160
5 4 Part-Iii Taxonomy 161
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  4.1 Introduction 161
  4.2 Materials And Methods 164
  4.3 Description Of The Family, Key To Tribes And Genera 165
  4.4 The Genus Primula 169
  4.5 The Genus Dionysia 241
  4.6 The Genus Androsace 250
  4.7 The Genus Cortusa 354
  4.8 The Genus Lysimachia 363
  4.9 The Genus Glaux 388
  4.10 The Genus Anagallis 391
  4.11 The Genus Samolus 399
6 5 Systematic Position And Interrelationship Of The Family Primulaceae 401
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7 6 General Discussion And A Synopsis To The Significant Findings 406
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8 7 Appendices 425
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9 8 References 459
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10 9 Index 473
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