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Muhammad, Iqbal (1996) HAEMATOLOGICAL STUDY OF INFECTED PYE DOGS (CANIS FAMILIARIS) IN KARACHI. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



Arthropod-transmit hemoparasitic diseases of dogs, caused by Trypanosoma, Babesia, Leishmania, occur throughout the world, their occurrence is greater in Pakistan, since conditions are favorable to the maintenance of vector populations. Practically nothing is known about the hemoparasites and hematology of dog in Pakistan, except Haider and his school published some information about this subject with reference to Pakistan (See review of literature). Adverse hematologic reactions to drugs with reference to Pakistan is also unknown. Therefore the present investigation were undertaken. Total of 2000 group of dogs, ranging 1-3 head of dogs (naturally and experimentally infected splenectomised and non-splenectomised dogs), were. evaluated for the natural hemoparasitic infection, hematology of hemoparasitized dogs and adverse hematologic reactions to drugs were also e-valuated in experimental dogs. These dogs were examined during the years 1990- 1996 from Pakistan. A record of collection was kept regularly to see what hemoparasites and what hematological values of dogs are common ill a certain hemoparasitic infections, and what blood dyscrasias produced by adverse reactions to drugs are diverse group. Likewise a record of collections was maintained and specific numbers are assigned to each of them for ready reference. A total of three genera of hemoparasites including Babesia, Trypanosoma and Leishmania (B. canis, B. gibsoni, T. evansi, and L. donovani were found naturally in dogs) were studied. The hemoparasites, hematological values and adverse activity of phenytoin sodium, mepacrine hydrochloride, diminazene, suramin and acriflavine hydrochloride are emphasized in the result section. The detailed reports have been shown in 1-17 tables.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:pye dogs, canis familiaris, hemoparasitic diseases, trypanosoma, babesia, leishmania, non-splenectomised dogs, splenectomised dogs
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